Have You Heard Of Hong Kong's Famous 'Sorrowful Rice'? Try This Recipe So You Can Make It At Home

This dish is nicknamed after the main character in Stephen Chow's movie "God of Cookery."

The Hong Kong Tourism Board recently held a Wine & Dine Festival that included two weeks' worth of online food workshops where chefs from around the world shared their recipes-which is perfect for quenching our thirst for traveling and dining out. One of the food workshops included in the festival is how to make Hong Kong's famous Sorrowful Rice (or in Cantonese, gam yin sui wan fan).

Photo by Discover Hong Kong | Wine and Dine

The Sorrowful Rice is an iconic dish in Hong Kong that's nicknamed after the main character in the movie God of CookeryIt's a simple rice bowl made with roasted pork, egg, and rice and is commonly served in Hong Kong-style cafés and dim sum shops.

Chef Dai Lung, a former executive chef at Conrad Hong Kong, was the one who created Sorrowful Rice for The God of Cookery. It gave the chef the title of "Hong Kong's God of Cookery. " According to The Michelin Guide, the dish specifically calls for Big Brother Char Siu, extra large and free-range chicken eggs from New Zealand, Thai Jasmine rice, and served with a secret sauce.

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Photo by Discover Hong Kong | Wine and Dine

During the Wine and Dine Festival 2020, Chef Dai Lung himself shared his recipe for the Sorrowful Rice, so wherever you are, you can try making it at home. The recipe calls for skinless pork belly, Chinese rose wine, sesame sauce, oyster sauce, fermented bean curd, red bean curd, sugar, grated garlic, cinnamon powder, honey, egg, and quinoa.

And if you want to see how he makes the Sorrowful Rice, the Wine and Dine Festival has made the video available on their website. The recipe and the video also share the recipe for the secret sauce, which is made with purple onion, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar, Maggi seasoning, and oil.

If you want to learn other restaurant-quality dishes from renowned chefs, Wine and Dine Festival has also uploaded their other food workshops on the site. 

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