Wrap It With Bacon! 6 Recipes To Try

Proof that bacon makes everything taste better.

IMAGE Patrick Martires


Crispy, smoky bacon tastes great on its own. Paired with all the other things you love to eat, it makes everything taste better:


Bacon-wrapped Chili Cheese Poppers

Bacon, cheese, and chilies make for a savory-fiery appetizer.



Bacon-wrapped Fish Fillets

Fish or bacon? Why not have both?



Bacon-wrapped Chicken with Chives

Love chicken? You'll love chicken + bacon more.



Bacon-wrapped Potato Wedges

Upgrade your potato wedges with honey and bacon.



Bacon-wrapped Enoki and Asparagus

Give your Japanese appetizers a fun makeover.



Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon

A delicious side dish that's really easy to make.




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