We’re Loving The Yakult-Flavored Yogurt Gummies!

One Yakult bottle is never enough, but these gummies will satisfy you.

IMAGE Bea Faicol

 Yupi's Yogurt-Flavored Gummies taste just like your two childhood favorites!


Who doesn't love Yakult? Thankfully, you can get Yakult everywhere locally. Still, we have a Yakult- problem we all need to address: ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH! 


We just can't get enough of Yakult! These gummies let you get as much as you want!



You probably still remember that one April Fool's Day when Yakult baited everyone with 1-liter Yakult bottles and it all broke our hearts to find out it was all a lie the next day. Lucky for all of us, we found a solution right at 7-11's for only P21!

These yogurt-flavored gummies taste just like Yakult from the moment you bite down to the moment it slides down your throat. It lasts for far longer than the 5 seconds of happiness that one small tiny Yakult bottle can give you, too. The second you open the pouch, you can already smell the wonderful tangy-sweet flavor that you're going to get.



They also offer mixed fruit flavor if you're not into Yakult (we highly doubt that.)





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