Tiramisu and Green Tea-Flavored YanYan Exists And We Know Where to Get It

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Ever wish you were back in grade school, munching on snacks without a care in the world during recess? Snacking on YanYan is sure to bring that nostalgia, but this childhood favorite doesn't just come in chocolate and strawberry now—you can also get Matcha and Tiramisu-flavored dips!

Even the packaging got a sleek upgrade!
PHOTO BY Justine Bellosillo Castillo
Here's what the dips look like.
PHOTO BY Justine Bellosillo Castillo

Called YanYan Premium (P54.75), the snacks still feature the familiar stick-like biscuits that make them so suitable for dipping, but the thick, glaze-like dips are now different. The Tiramisu has a distinctive coffee taste while the Matcha, though not as overpowering, has the familiar sweet-earthy flavor green-tea fans will love. Currently, these have been spotted at the food section of SM Department stores but we'll be on the lookout if they're also available in other stores!

See a list of SM Department Store branches.

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