This New Taro Drink Has Delicious White Pearls

Are you a big taro milk tea fan?

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is one of the milk tea shops that offer taro milk tea and uses freshly mashed sweetened taro. It has none of that powdered flavorings and artificial syrups! It was late last year when Yi Fang introduced the Fresh Taro Series, but they're adding a new drink to the lineup!

Meet the Fresh Taro Milk with White Pearls!
Photo by Yi Fang Fruit Tea

It all started with the Fresh Taro Green Tea Latte, which was made with mashed taro, cream, milk, and green tea, while the Fresh Taro Milk is a non-caffeinated drink that's made with fresh taro, milk, and cream. The new drink on the menu is the Fresh Taro Milk with White Pearls, which is an upgraded version of the Fresh Taro Milk which includes white pearls.

All of these three drinks can be enjoyed as a hot or cold beverage. You can also customize by adding more sinkers or use soy milk as a dairy alternative.

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