Our Recent Grocery Find Combines Cheesy Ramen And Cheesy Tteokbokki

Cheesy rabokki, anyone?

IMAGE Famulei

For those obsessed with K-drama, you're probably familiar with the many delicious Korean dishes you keep seeing onscreen. If you're familiar with tteokbokki, a Korean spicy rice cake stew that's often sold along the streets, this classic street food actually works well with instant ramyun. When these are combined, you get rabokki.

Yoppoki, a brand that offers five different tteokbokki flavors, now also has a Cheese Rabboki (P199/serves two people) which combines tteokbokki, ramen, and cheese all in one bowl. This delicious dish is easy to prepare. You can start by boiling the rice cake first in water and cheese powder, then add the instant noodles until soft, and you have the option to add fish cakes, vegetables, egg, or even cream cheese to make it richer and more filling.

If you want the full K-drama experience, you can pair this with soju, too! 

Yoppoki's Cheese Rabboki is available at Famulei Grocery. Visit their Shopee page to check it out.



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