This Instant Korean Tteokbokki Comes In Five Different Flavors

Can't get enough of tteokbokki? Try these new flavors!

IMAGE Yopokki Philippines official Facebook

Tteokbokki is a delicious Korean stir-fried rice cake in Korean soup and gochujang. Making it from scratch isn't an easy task to accomplish, mostly because the ingredients are hard to source. Thankfully, Yoppoki, an instant tteokbokki, is available in supermarkets.

Photo by Yopokki Philippines official Facebook

What is often available in groceries are Yoppoki's regular flavor and the cheese flavor, but there are actually a total of five different flavors that are available under the same brand. The other three instant tteokbokki flavors are golden onion butter topokki, hot and spicy topokki, and jjajang topokki. For those who aren't familiar with jjajang, this is a thick sauce made of chunjang (black bean sauce) that's a blend of sweet and savory flavors.


We haven't spotted these in bigger supermarkets yet (hopefully, soon!), but your next best bet is online shopping! There's an official website of Yopokki Philippines that offers all five flavors for P159 per pack, but you can also shop through Philippines-based Korean groceries, like Famulei's official Shopee page.

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