You Can Have Veggies, Meat, Seafood + More Delivered To Your Doorstep

Skip the long lines and avoid the traffic.

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Let’s face it, there aren’t enough hours in a day, and there sure aren’t enough hours for the weekend to check off all the things from our personal to-do list. 


Doing groceries can take up a lot of time. But it doesn’t have to. To help with your work-life balance, we have rounded up a list of food services around Manila that can deliver fresh produce, meat, seafood, and other food items right to your doorstep.


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The promise: You can skip the long lines at the store or stock up on essentials even when you have zero time.






Balai Pandesal

You don’t have to wait in long lines to get freshly baked goods. Balai Pandesal, an established bakery, is already delivering their famous pandesalitas (P4 per piece), pandeciosa (P59 per piece), monggo bread (P49 per piece), and bonete pandesal (P43 per pack). To make mornings extra special, order these with their Balai creamy peanut spread (P39 per piece) and their tuna mayo spread (P27). These goods are available here. Follow Balai Pandesal on Instagram and don’t miss out on the delivery discounts!



Village Breadhouse

If you want something a little fancier, but still staying within your budget, the Village Breadhouse sells delicious garlic bread with crushed parsley (P95), mini french bread (P50), garlic breadsticks (P80), and crostini toasts (P80). Try these out with their cream cheese with garlic and spinach (P140, 150g) or the cheese pimiento spread (P140, 250g). You can order these, and many more, here.



Fruits & Vegetables



Good Food Community

Good Food Community advocates sustainability by selling tampipi (knapsacks) of leafy vegetables, such as the Gulay Pambahay (P580, 3.5kg) which consists of 9 to 12 kinds of seasonal vegetables that can last you a week. They also sell another version of it called the Small Tampipi (P420, 2kg) which basically consists of smaller proportions of their Gulay Pambahay, juicing pack (P420, 2kg), and salad pack (P300, 500g). You can even add individual items to your order, like their Dulce Gatas by Ritual (P320) and the Naturally Fermented Pineapple Vinegar by Ritual (P220).



You can place an order through their official website. It’s best to place your orders before Saturday since they only deliver during Wednesdays. For more information, you may call them through this number: 0939-934-4663.




A good source for fresh vegetables is Farmville—not the Facebook app, this one is real! They sell fresh fruits and vegetables that are priced close to wet market prices. Some of the produce they’re selling include native tomatoes (P12, 100g), whole garlic (P27, 225g), red bell peppers (P41.25, 150g), large calamansi (P16.80, 160g), seedless grapes (P90.45, 270g), red apples (P40 per piece), and pineapples (P110 per piece). You can check out their other produce and order them here.






Pinkie’s Farm

For all your dairy needs, Pinkie’s Farm delivers a wide variety of milk and yogurt in glass bottles. Few of these products are the fresh full cream milk (P75, 200ml; P240, 1L) that has no added sugar, flavored milk (P85, 200ml; P250, 1L) which comes in chocolate or mango flavors, full cream yogurt (P85, 200g; P250, 1kg), and greek yogurt (P130, 120g; P400, 1kg). They also have kesong puti (P150, 200g) which you have to order three days in advance, unsalted butter (P125, 125g), and cultured buttermilk (P200, 120ml; P350, 1L) that is perfect for pancakes, buttermilk fried chicken, and other marinades.



To check their full menu, you can visit Pinkie’s Farm official website. For deliveries, you can message Pinkie’s Farm through their FacebookInstagram, or through their email [email protected] If you’re situated near Pinkie’s Farm’s hubs, you can have your items picked up or dropped off in those areas.



Farm To Fork

Farm to Fork sells fresh dairy products like their vitamin-packed pasteurized flavored milk in melon, chocolate, strawberry (P70, 500ml; P130, 1L). They also sell mango yogurt drink (P70, 300ml), leche flan (P100), and ube halaya (P65, 250g; P110, 500g). You can order these products here. For more information, call or text (0918)880-8600.


Meat & Chicken



Pamora Farm

Besides chicken being a healthier option, there’s just so many things you can do with it! Pamora Farm sells chicken wings (P430, 500kg), chicken wings lollipop (P360, 500g), ground chicken meat (P480, 500g), and premium chicken (P430, 1kg). They also sell free-range medium-sized eggs (P645, tray of 30). You can order and check out their other products here


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Use a different chicken part for each day!




Urban Meat Trading

Whether you’re cooking up your favorite adobo or trying out a sukiyaki recipe, Urban Meat Trading can deliver their fresh meat to your doorstep. They have an array of meat to choose from, like their adobo cut (P230, 1kg), liempo (P280, 1kg), ground pork (P230, 1kg), beef sukiyaki (P440, 1kg). You can place your orders here - they also have other meat products worth trying! For faster transactions, you can contact them through this number 0915-342-5959.




SoLo Meat Group

SoLo Meat Group is a locally owned company sources quality meats from Australian, New Zealanders, and American producers. Some of their meats they offer are the Australian 100% Beef Sausages (P375, 500g), Australian Premium Sirloin Steak (P45, 200g), and Australian Premium Rib Eye Steak (P600, 200g) - which are all 100% grass fed beef.


SoLo Meat Group delivers within Metro Manila only. You can order their imported meats through their official website or email them through [email protected] - and have them delivered to your home. To check out their cut offs, delivery dates, and pick-up points, you may refer to SoLo’s shipping policies.


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Fishmongers Daily Catch

Fishmongers Daily Catch delivers cleaned and gutted seafood within 24 hours from catch. A few of the seafood items they sell are the baby squid (P330, 1kg), fresh shrimp skewers (P280, 1kg), salay ginto - a yellowstripe scad (P350, 1kg), and the lapu lapu (P600, 1kg). You can order these fresh catches through their website!




Lobster House

For fresh, premium, and hard-to-find seafood, Lobster House does shore-to-door deliveries. A few of these premium seafood items are the medium-sized red lobsters (P3,200, 300-399g), curacha crabs (alive: P1,000, 1k; frozen: P750, 1kg), and uni or sea urchin (P600, at least 400g). You can ask for their full price list and product availability through their number 0917-503-2860. To place an order (with a minimum of P1,250), you can email: [email protected] or call them with their landline telephone number: (02) 505-1474, or through their mobile number: 0917-503-2860.




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Fisher Supermarket in QC has the best seafood selection among the groceries in the metro.


Snacks & Dessert



Earth Origins

For healthy snacks to munch on, Earth Origins delivers organic snack items. They have a wide selection to choose from—but to start off, there’s Annie’s Homegrown Organic Macaroni & Cheese (P99, 170g), Garden of Eatin’ Sweet Potato Corn Tortilla Chips (P179, 212g), and something you can get for the kids are there NurturMe Yum-a-roo’s Organic Toddler Snacks (P220, 28g) which consists of quick-dried mango, banana, pineapple and their Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli (P272, 620g).



For orders delivered to Metro Manila, selected areas of Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal, any product can be delivered with a cash-on-delivery transaction available - and same day delivery is possible! For provincial orders, non-perishable grocery items are delivered through LBC and the mode of payment can only be done through bank deposits. For more information, you can check out Earth Origins’ official website or contact them through these numbers: 637-3231 (landline) and 0917-704-1548 (mobile)




The Blissful Story

The Blissful Story creamery is a home-based business that makes small batches of artisanal carabao ice cream. The flavors that are currently available are the Cookies and Cream Pint (P380, 473ml), Smoked Purple Yam Cashew (P420, 473ml), Kahlua Brownie Chunk (P480, 473ml), Mango Sauvignon Blanc (P420, 473ml), and the Strawberry Rose (P480, 473ml).


To avail these pints of ice cream and to see their full menu of flavors, you can check out their official website. These are available to be delivered within Metro Manila only and delivery rates will differ depending on which area you’re located. For inquiries, you can contact The Blissful Story through their email address: [email protected] or through their mobile number: 0917-320-5626.


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