You Can Support Local Food Communities When You Dine at Marco Polo Ortigas

They've partnered with Slow Food Manila to highlight local heirloom ingredients!

IMAGE courtesy of Marco Polo Manila

If you've heard about the slow food movement-intentional food consumption which promotes local food, ingredients, and traditional cooking methods-then you'll be glad to know that you can discover heirloom ingredients and dishes when you dine at Cucina in Marco Polo Ortigas.


Marco Polo Ortigas launched "Locally Green: Reviving Traditions, Rediscovering Good Food," a collaboration with Slow Food Philippines' farmers, fisher folks, artisans, chefs, and producers, to create dishes as part of Cucina's buffet spread.



Adlai with butter and purple corn. This dish is a great way to highlight this alternative grain that is easy to grow and is highly nutritious.


"The food in our country is as diverse as our islands. Sadly, not a lot of people are aware that some local ingredients are endangered. We are slowly losing our traditions. The farmers will not produce them if there is no interest. We want our children to enjoy them, too. We are grateful for Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's support in our advocacy," shares Paula Aberasturi, President of Slow Food Philippines.


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Tinola, a Filipino favorite, is made with native chicken.  


Cucina will serve provincial and regional specialties starting with the Pampanga Edition. Dishes such as Afritada made with grass-fed yellow cattle, Tinola made with native chicken, and Adlai with butter and purple corn, are part of the first round of "Locally Green."



Cucina is at Marco Polo Ortigas.

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