You'll Want To Wake Up For These Pancakes!

Your Local will start serving breakfast and they have Beef Rendang Eggs Benedict, too.

If Your Local in Legaspi Village, Makati is your go-to for Southeast Asian cuisine-inspired dishes such as their salmon donburi, you'll be glad to know that they will start serving breakfast soon. 

Chef Natalia Moran is in charge of the dishes at Your Local now and she plays with local flavors while incorporating familiar Asian ingredients such as coocnut cream, sambal (an Indonesian chili paste), and gula melaka (palm sugar or panutsa). 

According to Jenny Yrasegui of Your Local, "Most of the breakfast items took inspiration from what Filipinos normally crave for while still staying true to Your Local's roots (Southeast Asian cuisine). We are inspired by the thought of being able to enjoy our favorite breakfast dishes with unique and exciting flavors and twists of Your Local."

Pancakes + mangoes + coconut sauce!
Photo by Bea Faicol

Pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast? You can have that anywhere else, but it's certainly not every day that you can enjoy a coconut-y Malaysian version. Your Local's Coconut Gula Melaka Pancakes are made with coconut and chia pancakes, topped with kaya jam, gula melaka, and ripe mangoes. It's similar to eating pancakes and Thai sticky rice with mangoes! 

Sambal is an Indonesian all-purpose chili sauce made from different chili peppers.
Photo by Bea Faicol
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We know we're not the only ones who think that egg should always be present in every breakfast platter. One dish that you also need to try is an eggs Benedict with an Indonesian twist: Beef Rendang Eggs Benedict. This is made with buttered English muffins topped with beef in spicy coconut sauce and slivers of tangy pickled cucumbers. There's nothing like breaking 64 degree eggs coated in sambal hollandaise, starting a waterfall of runny yolk.

The tasty crumbled chorizo is the main attraction of this avocado toast.
Photo by Bea Faicol

Included in Your Local's breakfast menu that is also worth the belly space are the Fresh Fried Egg and Salmon Sandwich that uses a squid ink bun, the Chorizo and Avocado Toast that's topped with savory, crumbled chorizo, and a Salmon Otak Otak that has an interesting salmon cake with a mousse texture.

Look how gorgeous this dragonfruit drink is!
Photo by Bea Faicol

Your Local will soon serve Purple Coconut and Pandan Gula Melaka. The Purple Coconut is a concoction made with dragonfruit and coconut milk, while the Pandan Gula Melaka is similar to the Filipino sago't gulaman. It has pandan, palm sugar, lime, and tapioca pearls served with crushed ice.

There are no definite dates for the availability of the breakfast menu, so you better follow Your Local on Facebook and InstagramYour Local is located at 106 Esteban, Legazpi Village, Makati City. 

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