Celebrate our 10th Birthday with Salted Egg-Flavored Popcorn from Chef Tony’s, Tres Leches Cake from Goldilocks + More

We collaborated with some of your fave brands for our anniversary month!

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Get your fill of these dishes and treats made especially for Yummy: Char-grilled Aligue Liempo from Manam, Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn from Chef Tony's, Trio of Taho Gelato from Bono Artisanal Gelato, Tres Leches Cake from Goldilocks, and Garlic Parmesan Fries from Potato Corner:



Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn from Chef Tony’s (available in March 2017)

Here’s Chef Tony’s take on one of the biggest food trends. Salted egg flavor coats crunchy popcorn to create a sweet, salty, and buttery snack.


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Get in on the trend and make your own batch of salted egg chips at home!





Garlic Parmesan Fries from Potato Corner (available from March 15 to May 2017)

One more reason to get fries: creamy roasted garlic and salty cheese is tossed with crispy fries!



Tres Leches Cake from Goldilocks (available from March 6 to March 31 in all Metro Manila branches)

This three-layer vanilla chiffon cake is covered and filled with velvety whipped cream and sprinkled with roasted almond slivers. White chocolate ganache and white chocolate triangles top this indulgent celebratory cake.




Trio of Taho Gelato from Bono Gelato (available in March 2017)

The best-selling taho gelato flavor get an exciting upgrade with strawberry and mango versions: enjoy fresh strawberry coulis on top of soy-based gelato for a sweet-tart treat or relish sun-ripened mango goodness to herald the summer months.


Char-grilled Aligue Liempo from Manam (available in Manam restaurants starting May 2017)

This meaty main will be your new go-to Manam dish: juicy, tender, char-grilled pork belly chunks are piled high on a bed of rich aligue butter. It’s topped with crisp red cabbage and carrot strips that’s a perfect complement to the bold, rich flavors.


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We collaborated with some of your favorite brands to come up with these irrestible treats just for you!

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