Yummy Eats 2016: Check Out These Savory Food Finds on June 4

Say goodbye to boring baon meals!


We know how it feels: your daily lunch routine can get boring (hello, leftovers!) and daily prepping can get overwhelming. Drop by the Yummy Eats Baon Blowout 2016 on June 4 and shake up your routine by injecting fun and tasty food finds.


Check out these savory finds on June 4, Saturday at the Glorietta 4 Activity Center:


Green Giant Salads

Salads with just-the-right portions of meats, greens and dressings. 



With fresh naan bread cooked right in front of you and meats cooked with Indian spices, get ready to experience Indian food in a totally different way! 



Try takoyaki balls in all its authentic goodness.


Cannoli and Co.

Find Italian snacks and drinks, including these homemade pesto risotto balls coated in herb-seasoned batter, deep-fried until crisp and golden brown, and served with aioli.



Salata is a homegrown brand that specializes in crafting sauces and dressings that inspire a healthier lifestyle. Don’t just try these dressings on a salad, they can also be enjoyed as dips, spreads or even as marinades.


Native Gourmet

Organic bottled bangus, tuyo, tahong, and more with no preservatives, no MSG, no artificial flavors!


Yaya Lola

Unforgettable home-cooked meals that you, your family and friends will surely love— like this paella with chicken, pork, squid, chorizo, and shrimp!


Mom's Breaktime

Tender, soft, and flavorful U.S. Beef Angus tapa: a perfect easy-to-prepare baon idea! 

Pound 4 Pound Grilled Burgers

Make room for well-seasoned, juicy and mouth-watering burgers.


For more information on Yummy Eats 2016, click here

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