This Is Not A Drill: Zark's "Jackhammer" Two-Quarter Pounder Burger Is Back

Bring your appetite!

Sometimes, a good burger is all anyone ever needs to get rid of the bad juju. Zark's Burgers is bringing back one of their famous burgers on their menu as the burger of the month for December. It's time to welcome back the Jackhammer burger!

Zark's Burgers' Burger of the Month is the Jackhammer!
Photo by Zark's Burgers official Facebook

Zark's Burgers' Jackhammer is an extra juicy burger, so you should definitely get excited. This burger is made with two quarter-pound patties stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, special Chipotle Mayo dressing, and fresh lettuce and tomatoes in between the buns. This, of course, is best paired with salty French fries dipped in ketchup for a filling meal! 

Zark's Burgers' Jackhammer is available in all its branches for P239 only. 

For more information, follow Zark's Burgers on Facebook.

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