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Just in case you missed it, Zubuchon and Sarsa recently collaborated and opened a month-long pop-up store. What once started out as special salu-salo prepared by Chef JP Anglo and Joel Binamira shared amongst their friends and family on Sundays, can now be enjoyed by anyone who loves Filipino food.

The Dinuguang Lumpia is another stellar dish!
Photo by Bea Faicol

To be quite honest, it was hard to pick an absolute favorite from the different dishes on the menu. There were a lot of interesting things on the menu: Dinuguang Lumpia (P260) served with sinamak, Tokwa't Tenga (P240), that has latik toppings, Chicken Binakol topped with a coconut chimichurri (P420), and a bowl of warm Pancit Molo (P290). But if there's one thing that really stood out, it's the 3-Way Pork Sisig (P320).

It's called "3-Way Sisig" because it's cooked using three different cooking techniques.
Photo by Bea Faicol
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What you need to know

The 3-Way Sisig with Brainy Aioli is composed of parts of the pig that's cooked in three different ways. What makes it special is how they cook it: the pig ears are boiled, grilled, then dressed in vinegar, the face is smoked with coconut husks, and they also fried the pig's face to a golden brown crunch. According to Chef JP Anglo, this sisig dish aims to unify the different ways sisig is prepared all over the Philippines.

Why we love it

What we loved about the 3-Way Pork Sisig is the playfulness and the variety of the textures it offers. It has the crunch from the tenga (ears) and the fried pork and tender smoked pork. 

Before you pour and mix in the aioli, you should try the pork on its own to taste the nuances of how each sisig tastes different. The smoked pork gives off a sweet and nutty flavor, the tenga has a hint of tanginess to it, while the grilled pork has a delicious smokiness to it. 


When you finally mix in the aioli, this adds a creaminess that cuts through the natural oiliness of sisig. Make sure to mix it well and mix it as soon as it arrives on your table (or right after you've taken photos) to prevent the pork from burning on the sizzling plate.


As with any sisig dish, this is best paired with rice (lots of it). You can pair it with any of the refreshing fruit juices on the menu, like the citrusy dalandan juice.

Where to get it

You can get the 3-Way Pork Sisig and the other Zubuchon x Sarsa dishes at Zubuchon, G/F Bonifacio Stopover, Taguig City. The collab is only a month-long pop-up that started early February 2020. It's best to try it before the month ends! 

Keep yourself updated by following these Instagram accounts: Zubuchon, Joel Binamira, Sarsa Kitchen, and Chef JP Anglo.

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