24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Wings Recipe

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Crispy chicken wing drenched in a sweet-savory homemade barbecue sauce is what this chicken wing recipe is all about. What makes this special is that it's a recipe hack of a popular Korean chicken place called 24 Chicken. 

What Is 24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Wings

The Korean chicken trend has yet to wane in all this time, and it's no wonder. The trend of crispy double-fried chicken is an irresistible lure to anyone who adores crispy chicken skin with an incredible-tasting sauce. This particular recipe is inspired by the chicken offerings from 24 Chicken and its chicken is tossed in a special barbecue sauce with a hint of paprika called Jack Daniels. 

How To Make 24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Wings

It starts with barbecue sauce with Jack Daniel's whiskey. We used the Old No. 7 brand whiskey, a classic with delicious notes of sweet vanilla and caramel plus oak and a tiny bit of sourness to its taste. Because it's got a nice balance of sweet, woody, and sour, it's a great whiskey to use for a barbecue sauce that carries these flavors in it, too.


To make the barbecue sauce, we kept it simple and used ketchup, brown sugar for its molasses content and flavor, some fresh garlic and onion, and a few spices to keep its flavors interesting. The result is a barbecue sauce that's fantastic tossed with some chicken wings or boneless chicken pieces just like 24 Chicken does. You can also cook this sauce and pair it with pork chops or brush the barbecue sauce on some inihaw na liempo for when you want to change things up in the kitchen. 

How To Serve 24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Wings

These chicken wings are coated in a barbecue sauce using Jack Daniel's whiskey, just like 24 Chicken does!
Photo by Roselle Miranda
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These wings are fantastic on their own, served with an ice-cold beverage for after work hours or the weekends, but you can also be totally Asian about it, too. Serve it at mealtimes with steamed rice which we highly recommend is worth doing.

However, if you're going with no rice, you can temper the umay phase if you can consume more than a few pieces of these flavorful chicken pieces by serving it with some sour cream on the side or plain cream with garlic powder and salt to create a simple ranch dip to pair with the robust smoky barbecue flavors of the wing sauce. 

Tips To Make Delicious 24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Wings

The most important tip when making this recipe is to remember that these can be double-fried for extra crispiness. While chicken wings normally fry up crisp due to the amount of skin that wings have, these can be made ahead of time and made extra crispy if double-fried. You can even reheat the chicken before adding the sauce using any of these three appliances: the air fryer, oven toaster, or preheated oven


Another tip to ensure your wings are as fabulous as the original is to brine the chicken before cooking. Brining chicken always results in flavorful chicken since the brine solution seasons the chicken throughout. However, if you don't have the time to do this, you can keep it as the recipe states and it will still result in tasty chicken. 

One final tip that you might find useful is to keep the chicken and the sauce separate until a few minutes before you're ready to serve it. This is because once the sauce is on the chicken, the sauce will be absorbed by the chicken skin, resulting in soggy chicken if not eaten soon afterward. To keep the chicken crispy, toss it together later. 

How To Store 24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue  Chicken Wings

As with most fried food, storing fried food is easy. Simply wrap up or place in a container and refrigerate. However, this recipe has a tendency to become soggy since there is a sauce involved so if you kept the tip in mind to keep the sauce and chicken separate, it will be easy to store and then reheat later. 


You can watch how this recipe is easily made in this recipe video: 

24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Wings Recipe 

Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
40 mins 
Ready In
1 hr 
American, Others
Cooking Method
simmer and fry

24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Wings Ingredients

How to cook 24 Chicken-Style Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Wings


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