5-ingredient Smoky Grilled Liempo Recipe for First-time Cooks

This is the liempo recipe your taste buds won't forget.


No boodle fight is complete without a grilled dish.

Fish and chicken are the usual fare, but grilled pork belly is undeniably the crowd favorite. The secret is in the marinade. It's the key to lip-smacking grilled liempo.

For those just learning how to cook, preparing this dish can be daunting. If the marinade is too salty, it can easily dry out the meat and make it tough and rubbery when overcooked.

There's no need to worry, though. The following recipe is simple enough for beginners.

It makes use of Knorr Liquid Seasoning, a versatile flavoring that can be used as a full-flavored marinade. Unlike soy sauce, this dish topper is manamis-namis at maalat-alat, making meats taste mouth-wateringly delicious.

On top of being a great cooking ingredient, this pantry essential can be added to a wide range of dishes for an extra layer of flavor.

For more delicious recipes, visit http://www.knorr.com.ph.

Prep Time
10 mins 
Cooking Time
20 mins 
Ready In
30 mins 
Cooking Method
Assemble and Grill



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