Adobo Recipe With Pork and Beans

adobong baboy recipe or pork adobo recipe with pork and beans and potatoes
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Adobo is synonymous with a classic Filipino ulam recipe that everyone enjoys and loves to eat! However, what's interesting about adobo is that not every household makes the same exact recipe. One may have one ingredient that other recipes do not and others may not have an ingredient or two that some would think is essential in any adobo. Some are made pork adobo cuts, in combo with chicken, or are totally meatless using tokwa

That's what is so exciting about this adobo recipe inspired by the Viterbo family. It is the adobo that the family members know as "adobo", and while we may find it different, it's definitely delicious! 

What Is Adobo

Adobo for almost every Filipino is among the top dishes that many a Filipino might argue is the best dish to represent the country. You'll find that asking Filipinos from different parts of the country what adobo is will not only yield different answers but strike up a heated discussion for some. 


Adobo at its heart is a dish made and preserved with vinegar. Combined with soy sauce, garlic, black peppercorns, and laurel leaves, it's a dish that's tangy, salty, and loaded with umami. 

For this recipe however, a few things have changed: there are no laurel leaves and two ingredients are added to the mix: cubed potatoes and a can of pork and beans. These tweaks not only make this dish much more hearty but also delivers a flavor that is different than your usual adobo

How To Serve Adobo With Pork and Beans

As with many ulam recipes, this dish too needs rice. Simply steamed rice is best so you can capitalize on the flavors of the adobo but you can always opt to pair it with sinangag or garlic fried rice to boost that garlic flavor. 

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How to Make Adobo With Pork and Beans

This adobo actually starts off like most adobo recipes: simmer pork pieces in all the ingredients until tender. This easy cooking preparation is actually what makes adobo so easy, especially for new cooks. However, it takes time to tenderize the pork pieces so during this time is when you can prepare the other two ingredients that make this different from other adobo recipespeel and chop the potatoes and open a can of pork and beans. 


The potatoes make hearty additions to any dish but it's a fantastic dish to add to any adobo since it pairs with the sauce so well. The pork and beans however might be new to many adobo purists but the slightly sweetened tomato sauce is like adding sugar to temper the sourness of the vinegar. The beans meanwhile are another hearty component that lends a creamy texture and chunky appearance to your adobo

The resulting dish is extra hearty and filling with a surprising flavor profile that might make you addicted! 

Tips to Make Delicious Adobo With Pork and Beans

There are many ways to make adobo delicious but for this recipe, we have specific tips that can make it better: 

1 Use a big can of pork and beans. 

The best way to make this adobo even more delicious is to play with the amount of pork and bean that you add. You can add a small can of pork and beans to start off with if you're unsure but we highly recommend using a big can instead. It not only adds to the flavor of the meal itself but delivers an extra saucy sauce to spoon over your rice. 


2 Tweak leftover adobo

Since this recipe starts off as a traditional adobo recipe, you can hack the leftovers! Just add potatoes and pork and beans to the leftover adobo so you're eating what tastes like a new dish. 

How to Store Adobo With Pork and Beans

Adobo is one of those dishes that tastes better the next day (and the next!). However, the addition of the potatoes and the beans make this more perishable than your usual adobo so if you find you have leftover adobo, it's best to store this dish in the refrigerator, covered, for up to a week.

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Adobo Recipe With Pork and Beans


Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
40 mins 
Ready In
55 mins 
Cooking Method
Saute and Simmer

Adobo With Pork and Beans Ingredients

How to cook Adobo With Pork and Beans


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