Beef Empanada Recipe

This fast and easy recipe is a flavorful beef version of your usual chicken-stuffed empanada.

IMAGE Patrick Martires

An easy beef filling is stuffed into this equally easy empanada dough recipe. By using ground beef, the filling cooks fast while you can easily sub out the frozen mixed veggies we used for your preferred vegetable. We suggest potatoes cut into small chunks or even just kernels of corn to amp up the sweetness of the savory filling. 

Even the empanada dough is easy to make! We used's tried-and-tested empanada dough recipe and the results are delicious! This is an easy-to-make and versatile recipe which you may use for any kind of empanada you want. Try it with the chicken curry empanada, too! 

Prep Time
40 mins 
Cooking Time
15 mins 
Ready In
55 mins 
Asian, Spanish
Cooking Method
Pan fry

Beef Empanada Ingredients

How to Make Beef Empanada

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