Bibingka Galapong Recipe

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Bibingka is a Filipino rice cake that's usually enjoyed during the Christmas holiday season.

How do you make a traditional bibingka galapong?

Traditionally made with rice flour, coconut milk, and eggs, the bibingka batter is charcoal-baked in banana leaves which gives it a fabulous flavor. It's best served warm, with melted butter on top, and sprinkled with queso de bola cheese or grated coconut or niyog. 

It's popularly enjoyed after Simbang Gabi but those who look for it even when it's not the holidays yet can still enjoy it. It's an easy recipe with easy-to-find ingredients.

This bibingka recipe is made with galapong or ground glutinous rice which is widely available and accessible. It tastes delicious, so whether it's the holidays or not, you can always have your bibingka fix.  

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This classic Filipino bibingka recipe only needs a few pantry staples to recreate at home.

Prep Time
1 day 
Cooking Time
30 mins 
Ready In
1 day 30 mins 
Cooking Method

Bibingka Galapong Ingredients

How to Make Bibingka Galapong

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