Boneless Buffalo Wing Chicken Tenders Recipe

These are the easier, meatier, and boneless version of your favorite buffalo wings.

IMAGE Patrick Martires

The sauce that buffalo wings are tossed in is truly delicious. It's got a spicy heat that's made even more flavorful with melted butter. 

Chicken wings, however, aren't the only piece of meat you should use it on! Because deboning chicken wings is a hassle you don't need to suffer through, use boneless chicken breast fillets cut into strips or chicken tenders instead for a quicker but no less tasty version of the classic chicken wings.

We paired it with a delicious faux blue cheese dip, too. You'll not only satisfy your chicken wing craving but you'll also get to eat it fuss-free. 

Prep Time
10 mins 
Cooking Time
30 mins 
Ready In
40 mins 
Cooking Method

Boneless Buffalo Wing Chicken Tenders Ingredients

How to Make Boneless Buffalo Wing Chicken Tenders

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