Beef Caldereta Recipe With Gata

This beef dish is creamy and extra rich because of liver spread and gata!

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Few stewed dishes are as rich and decadent as caldereta. Also spelled as kaldereta, this beef dish is a classic meaty dish that was formerly reserved for fiestas and special occasions, mainly because the ingredients, especially the meat, are expensive and the cooking process long. All that time and effort in creating the dish is always appreciated when you bite into a tenderized beef chunk and the flavors of the rich and savory sauce hit your taste buds. 

What is caldereta

You're probably familiar with the classic version of this dish. The dish is a slow-cooked dish that sees beef cubes tenderized in a sauce made of tomatoes and seasoned with bell peppers. The meat is accompanied by chunks of potatoes and carrots, both classic stew ingredients. 

This recipe however is just as rich and creamy but it's not just because of the liver spread. 

What makes caldereta rich and creamy? 

The classic version is a dish that commonly uses liver spread to make it extra rich. The creaminess of the liver is a great ingredient that some believe is essential to a caldereta. However, for this recipe, the creaminess is bolstered by another ingredient: kakang gata or coconut cream. This Asian ingredient is responsible for the sweetness you will taste in the sauce and if you're a Pinoy, you know you're going to love the play-on tastes that this dish will have.


This dish really has it all! It has the meatiness from the beef, the tanginess from the tomatoes, the bitterness from the bell peppers, the minerally taste and grainy texture from the liver spread, the sweetness and creaminess from the gata, and finally, a touch of briny sourness from the olives. 


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Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
1 hr 
Ready In
1 hr 15 mins 
Filipino, Spanish
Cooking Method
Saute and Braise

Beef Caldereta With Gata Ingredients

How to cook Beef Caldereta With Gata


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