Chicken Afritada Recipe

There is so much to love about this hearty chicken and tomato stew.

IMAGE Majoy Siason

This local chicken dish is sure to be an easy family favorite. It's loaded with whole chicken pieces, big chunks of potatoes and carrots, and simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce. 

How do you make afritada delicious? 

Two things about the afritada recipe make it irresistible: it's a stew and it's made with chicken. Because it's a stew, you know the dish has been simmered for some time so it has had time to develop its flavors and become even more flavorful. Tomatoes are fantastic when it has had time to fully combine with other ingredients. 

The chicken pieces in the afritada are kept whole, meaning each piece is on the bone and will also contribute to the overall flavor of the dish. The result is an aromatic, chicken and tomato stew made heartier with vegetables and tastier with time. 

Prep Time
10 mins 
Cooking Time
45 mins 
Ready In
55 mins 
Cooking Method

Chicken Afritada Ingredients

How to Cook Chicken Afritada

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