Chowking-Style Pork Chao Fan Rice Recipe

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Are you a fan of fried rice meals, especially when you are out? If so, you have probably ordered this before: the pork chao fan.

What is Pork Chao Fan Rice 

This pork chao fan is more popularly known as a fried rice dish from the fast food chain Chowking. It's a simple yet tasty fried rice dish that's big on flavor yet is an easy recipe! This is made super tasty with ground pork and kang kong, plus soy sauce and oyster sauce for extra umami flavor. You can even make it even better with some scrambled eggs or chunks of Chinese sausage for a heartier all-in-one fried rice meal. You have your ulam and rice in one bowl! 

How To Serve Pork Chao Fan Rice 

At the fast food chain, these are commonly served topped with either pork or beef siomai, lumpiang Shanghai, or fried siomai. However, you don't need to add these specific toppings, unless desired, because the beauty of making this at home is that you are your own chef and can serve it with your choice of toppings. 


You can serve this with those toppings of course or you can change things up a bit. Serve it with even more kang kong as a side dish, simply steamed or sautéed with sesame oil and chili powder, or with fried tokwa, slices of fried luncheon meat, or waygu cubes on a stick for that resto dining experience at home.  

How To Cook Pork Chao Fan Rice 

Pork chao fan is a popular fast food fried rice order that you can make at home.
Photo by Roselle Miranda
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Fried rice recipes are commonly fast and easy recipes. It may look like it has many ingredients but those ingredients enhance the flavors that normally might not be there if it were a bowl of simple steamed rice. These extra flavorings and ingredients are what make fried rice a meal unto itself if necessary! 

To make this pork chao fan rice, it starts with simple aromatic ingredients: onion and garlic. These are sautéed until softened and fragrant. This is followed by ground pork which needs to be cooked until no longer pink before adding the kang kong and then rice. The rice as well as the pork is seasoned with soy sauce and oyster sauce for that extra boost in umami. Toss the rice together so the seasonings are evenly distributed before serving it while still hot with your favorite Pinoy ulam recipes

Tips to make Delicious Pork Chao Fan 

Rice is life so it's totally okay to take care when making fried rice even if you're just at home. You DO remember then the internet blew up when Uncle Roger watched in horror as a Western chef and cooking show host made Chinese fried rice? Yes, you can totally avoid that if you avoid mistakes when cooking fried rice: 

  • 1 Use high heat when ready to add the rice. 
  • 2 Crumble or separate the rice kernels well to make it easy to toss with other ingredients. 
  • 3 Use day-old rice or freshly cooked rice. 
  • 4 Season well. 
  • 5 Toss, toss, and toss well. 

Want to watch how our version of this easy fried rice recipe is made? Watch this: 


Chowking-Style Pork Chao Fan Rice Recipe 


Prep Time
10 mins 
Cooking Time
15 mins 
Ready In
35 mins 
Chinese, Filipino
Cooking Method

Chowking-Style Pork Chao Fan Rice Ingredients

How to make Chowking-Style Pork Chao Fan Rice


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