Coffee Jelly Flan Recipe

This unique twist on the dessert is totally jelly!

IMAGE Stephanie Cueva

Love coffee jelly? Then maybe you should try this unique twist on the dessert which transforms the cream into a jelly, too. 

What is coffee jelly? 

The original coffee jelly dessert is a delicious combination of coffee gulaman cubes stirred into a sweetened cream. This is a no-bake, chilled dessert that is altogether delicious and addictive because it's a great textual and flavor pairing. You get sweet milkiness from the cream and bittersweet notes from the soft coffee jelly cubes. 

For this twist, the sweet milkiness that makes up the cream is transformed into a jelly that is just like the coffee cubes. If you know how a cathedral window dessert is made, you have an idea behind the inspiration for this coffee jelly dessert. The coffee jelly is made first so you can suspend the cubes in the creamy jelly later. 

To make sure the coffee jelly cubes are scattered throughout the cream jelly, you need to wait for the creamy gelatin to set a little before adding them in. No patience? You can skip figuring out the tricky timing and pile on the coffee cubes instead! Since it's stacked in your container, the cream jelly has no choice but to set itself up where it can squeeze between the cubes. 


The result is this stunning cup of jelly that you can scoop right out of the cups with no worry about the cream dripping down your spoon or chin. 

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Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
10 mins 
Ready In
1 day 25 mins 
Cooking Method
Melt and Cool

Coffee Jelly Flan Ingredients

How to make Coffee Jelly Flan


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