Corned Beef Sinigang Recipe

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Sinigang is always delicious! If you love sinigang in all its forms, you might want to try this unique version made popular by a Filipino restaurant: corned beef sinigang. The corned beef is a meaty choice that makes this sinigang extra appetizing! 

For this corned beef sinigang recipe, we used a cured slab of beef that we sourced from a local meat shop. We got a fresh corned beef slab from meat shops, delis, and other specialty shops such as The Prime Beef Company, Tender Bites Premium Meats, and Pacific Bay. You can also look for fresh corned beef from meat shops available for delivery on Lazada as well. 

You can totally use canned corned beef instead of the cured beef cut if you're out of time to simmer the beef until tender. 

What is corned beef? 

Corned beef is a confusing phrase. Its more apt name is salt beef. The "corn" part of "corned beef" actually takes its name from the size of the salt crystals being used to cure the beef. Salt was, at the time, the size of corn kernels, hence salt beef was also commonly known as "corned beef". So "corned beef" is really just beef that has been preserved or cured in saltwater


When the invention of canning corned beef became more popular, corned beef was really just salt and beef. The modern-day corned beef that you know and love to eat for breakfast (and lunch and dinner, too, if hunger pangs are particularly fierce!) is brined in a solution that is similar to the saltwater used before but it also now includes other ingredients, too, to make the corned beef not only taste better and more flavorful but also preserves it for even longer.

It's why you usually don't need to season the meat anymore! 

For this recipe, you definitely need no extra seasonings since both the corned beef and the sinigang sa sampaloc mix are both seasoned very well already. What you need to do is prepare all the other ingredients to make the dish extra delicious and appetizing and follow along to this step-by-step recipe video: 

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Prep Time
30 mins 
Cooking Time
3 hrs 35 mins 
Ready In
4 hrs 5 mins 
Filipino, Others
Cooking Method

Corned Beef Sinigang Ingredients

How to make Corned Beef Sinigang


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