Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls Recipe

chicken relleno or chicken breast rolls stuffed with ground chicken
IMAGE Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

Deboning a chicken has to be one of the more intimidating tasks in the kitchen. Whether it's a leg, a breast, or a wing, the task requires precision and an adequate amount of skill to accomplish without the chicken emerging like it was meant to be ground chicken. 

If you're not yet skilled enough to debone a chicken leg, imagine trying to debone a whole chicken for a chicken relleno or galantina for Noche Buena? 

Can't? That's okay! This is where this easy chicken relleno rolls recipe can help save your holiday feast! 

This easy chicken relleno rolls recipe is one of six recipes that we are featuring as our recommended recipes for your Noche Buena handaan. As one of Yummy's December digital cover recipes, this delicious dish is sure to make your Noche Buena feast a sure hit with everyone at your Christmas party.

What Is Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls? 

A chicken relleno is a deboned whole chicken stuffed with a seasoned ground chicken mix. This is commonly roasted in the oven whole, much like a whole roasted chicken would be. The main difference here is that you should be able to easily carve a chicken relleno without encountering any bones! 


You can easily ask your local butcher to debone a whole chicken for you to take home so you're prepared to stuff it even before you get home. However, even this is a challenge for a seasoned butcher and if your butcher is not experienced enough, you can opt for a change. This change we suggest is to use chicken fillets instead of a whole chicken. 

This not only makes it super easy to do but also makes it less stressful for you to make! Think of it as a cross between an embutido and a chicken cordon bleu. The ground chicken stuffing is rolled up in chicken breast fillets, and you get a chicken relleno roll! 

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How To Serve Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls

 A chicken relleno is boneless so it's super easy to serve! Once it's cooked, you want to slice it on a diagonal so you can showcase the inside of the relleno: the bits of chorizo, ham, cheese, and of course, the chicken fillet that wraps around each roll you made. 


How to Make Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls

chicken relleno or chicken breast rolls stuffed with ground chicken
Serve with gravy poured over these chicken relleno rolls which are also known as stuffed chicken breast fillets.
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

This recipe starts with the ground chicken mix. This is much like an embutido where you take ground meat (in this case, it's ground chicken) and mix it with seasonings and other ingredients. This recipe uses pickle relish for sweetness, ham and chorizo for their savory smokiness, cheese for its creamy saltiness, and of course, raisins for its burst of fruity sweetness. 


An egg binds these ingredients together so you can roll it up in the chicken fillets. 

To ensure the chicken fillet rolls stay in rolled form, you'll roll them in foil. The chicken skin that is still on the chicken will ensure the chicken doesn't stick to the foil unlike embutido usually do. These chicken logs are steamed and later fried in oil so the chicken gets browned and is delicious. 

You'll want to serve this with a classic chicken gravy but you can also serve this drizzled with ketchup or even mayo if that's your jam. 

Tips To Make Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls 

1 Use two whole chicken breast fillets. 

The easiest way to make rolls from chicken fillets is to use a big piece. The biggest chicken piece is the breast but the biggest piece is the chicken breast with both halves still connected. This is where your suki butcher comes in to save your dish. 


However, if you can't find a butcher who can't do this for you, chicken breast halves will do just fine; you'll just have smaller relleno rolls. 

2 Season the chicken, too. 

You might forget but we hope you don't! The ground chicken mixture is easy to remember to season but you also have to season the chicken that you'll use to roll it up with, too! (We admit; we forgot to season the chicken the first time we made this.) 

Just like a chicken cordon bleu, the chicken needs to be seasoned before you roll it up with the ground chicken inside. 

How To Store Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls

easy chicken relleno stuffed chicken breast fillet recipe image
Chicken relleno doesn't need to be hard to make! Try this easy recipe using chicken breast fillets instead.
Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Lady Badoy

Relleno is a savory dish but unlike the traditional whole chicken relleno, these rolls are easier to store if you happen to have leftovers. These are simply rolled back in foil and refrigerated. If you are planning to store these for longer, you can double wrap these rolls in plastic wrap first and then foil and store these in the freezer. 

WATCH: Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls Recipe Video 

Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls Recipe 

Prep Time
35 mins 
Cooking Time
40 mins 
Ready In
1 hr 15 mins 
Cooking Method
Steam and Fry

Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls Ingredients

How to cook Easy Chicken Relleno Rolls


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