Creamy Fruit Cocktail Bowl Recipe

Fruit cocktail makes this an easy treat to make!

IMAGE Majoy Siason

This is the easiest fruit salad! This fruity bowl still uses canned fruit cocktail and nata de coco to amp up its sweet fruity flavors. Instead of condensed milk, it's topped with whipped cream that makes it creamy, just the way you like it. The plain cream complements the sweetness of the fruits. It's perfect for a fuss-free, sweet, and creamy treat for the summer. 

Make this fruit salad bowl even easier and faster by using canned whipped cream! Just squeeze it on.  

Prep Time
5 mins 
Cooking Time
Ready In
10 mins 
Cooking Method
Mix and Chill

Creamy Fruit Cocktail Bowl Ingredients

How to Make Creamy Fruit Cocktail Bowl

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