Easy Pinoy Chicken Barbecue Recipe

This easy-to-make inihaw na manok is sweet and delicious!

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This easy Pinoy chicken barbecue or inihaw na manok is marinated in a sweet-savory sauce that includes calamansi and a soft drink! It's these two ingredients that differentiate it from other kinds of grilled chicken recipes. 

What is Filipino barbecue marinade? 

The Filipino barbecue sauce is basically a recipe tweaked from a classic barbecue sauce. The best Filipino barbecue marinade either includes calamansi juice, lemon-lime soda, or pineapple juice. Whether it's chicken or pork, using any of these three ingredients is an integral ingredient of the marinade because these ensure the barbecue that results is always tender. It's all thanks to the acidic nature of these ingredients that naturally break down the meat proteins so it's tender before you even start grilling! 

Beyond their tenderizing natures, these ingredients are also delicious! Pineapple juice in particular is an amazing sweet-tart fruity flavor that makes any barbecue marinade (and sauce!) infinitely more flavorful with its mere addition. Calamansi juice gives marinades a citrus flavor that is a great substitute to vinegar in regular barbecue marinades. Lemon-lime soda is also tasty on its own as well but delivers a more gentle touch when it comes to its tenderizing capabilities. 


Mixed with our very own banana ketchup and a few other ingredients, any meat including these chicken leg quarters marinated in this barbecue sauce will be extra delicious for sure! Watch how easily it comes together in this step-by-step video: 




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Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
40 mins 
Ready In
1 hr 
American, Filipino
Cooking Method

Easy Pinoy Chicken Barbecue Ingredients

How to cook Easy Pinoy Chicken Barbecue


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