Ginataang Pusit Recipe

The sweet and savory flavors make it extra appetizing!

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Squid is one of those seafood ingredients that you either like or don't. Pusit has a tendency to be tough and chewy if you don't know how to cook it right. The good news is that this ulam Pinoy recipe is an easy one to master with a few tips to remember when you're ready to cook: 

  • • Make the sauce first so the squid isn't overcooked. 
  • • Cook it fast once the squid is added in. 
  • • If you've overcooked squid, cook it until tender again. 
  • • If you're unsure how long to cook it, add it last and cook it only until it turns opaque. 

What's great about this recipe is that it not only makes a great pusit dish but it also makes a fantastic meal that can be cooked in minutes. Since squid along with other seafood cook in less time than meat, the preparation is what will take up most of your time. If you're new to using and preparing fresh squid, you need to learn how because fresh squid is delicious! 


We have a video help you through the process of cleaning and preparing that kilo of squid but note these step-by-step procedure so you know exactly what you'll be doing when it's time to do it for real: 

  1. 1 Remove the head from the body.
  2. 2 Remove the beak from the tentacles.
  3. Remove the ink and reserve sac if intact and if desired. 
  4. Remove the transparent "pen" or bone. 
  5. 5 Slice as directed in the recipe. 

Now that you're armed with all you need to prepare the squid, you can prepare any squid dish with ease! The sweet and savory flavors of this gintataang pusit recipe is sure to make your ulam meal extra appetizing! 

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Prep Time
30 mins 
Cooking Time
20 mins 
Ready In
50 mins 
Asian, Filipino
Cooking Method
Saute and Simmer

Ginataang Pusit Ingredients

How to cook Ginataang Pusit


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