Savory Holiday Chicken Relleno Recipe

Don't let the name fool you! This recipe is definitely not as complicated as it sounds.


Relleno is a popular dish to serve at gatherings but often home cooks find it intimidating to make because of the procedure. All it truly takes is to get the best and freshest ingredients and the rest is very simple.

Try your hand at this delicious chicken relleno recipe that will definitely impress your guests, minus all the effort!

The secret ingredient that sets this chicken relleno recipe apart is MAGGI® SOY SAUCE. It gives your dish that unique malinamnam flavor, with a blend of saltiness and sweetness. 

When you go shopping for your soy sauce, turn the bottle upside down. You'll see that MAGGI® SOY SAUCE is latak-less, meaning there's no residue at the bottom! It is made with select soya beans that go through a natural fermentation process for months. The resulting flavor would definitely turn the ordinary meals you prepare into delightful specialties that your family will love.

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