Basic Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

This is a no churn, no cook version of this icy treat.

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You can make no-cook, no-churn homemade ice cream at home with only 3 ingredients! What's even better than knowing you made this yourself is that this might be even better than the store-bought ice cream you normally would buy. 

What is ice cream? 

Ice cream is a custard made of eggs, cream, and sugar that's been frozen and then churned to create a creamy treat that literally melts in your mouth. The treat is commonly one that is cooked because of the presence of eggs but there are recipes that do not use eggs such as this recipe.

This tweak makes this homemade ice cream recipe simple and easy to make. Plus, this recipe is also a no-churn version meaning that there is no need to churn or agitate the mixture to create the signature creamy texture of the ice cream. Instead, the mixture is whipped to simulate the silky texture so you don't need an ice machine to make it. All you'll need is a mixer or whisk to do the job right and the result is still delicious and decadent, especially if you used quality ingredients. 


Want to see how easily it can be done? Watch the video below: 

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Prep Time
6 hrs 30 mins 
Cooking Time
Ready In
6 hrs 30 mins 
French, Italian
Cooking Method
Assemble and Freeze

Basic Homemade Ice Cream Ingredients

How to make Basic Homemade Ice Cream


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