Jollibee-Style Honey Beef Rice Recipe

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This appetizing beef rice bowl is a Jollibee recipe hack! You might know it as the Jollibee Honey Beef Rice, and it is beef and onions slathered in a sweet and savory sauce made extra delicious with honey. We made this recipe so you can get your fix whenever the craving for this rice bowl hits.

What is honey beef rice? 

Honey beef rice is a beef ulam rice meal that was first introduced to customers of Jollibee back in the 1990s. It was a steamed rice bowl topped with slivers of tender beef with chunks of white onions. While it may not sound all that different from say, a Tagalog bistek topping a bowl of rice, the sauce was what catapulted this dish to become a meal that many craved at all times of the day! 

The sauce is made extra delicious with honey, a sweetened syrup harvested from bee hives, that gives the sauce a delicious sweetness. For this particular recipe, we used honey sourced from Bukidnon that you can easily score the next time While you can substitute the honey with sugar, honey has a more complex flavor profile that you might enjoy (and may miss!) if you did make the switch. Brown sugar with its molasses content may be the better choice flavor-wise if you are set on using a substitute ingredient. 


The beef can be any cut of beef, too, but we recommend thinly sliced beef ribeye so it's easy to find from your local butcher. This also delivers extra beefy flavor once cooked so you get a great combination of sweetness, savory, and beefiness all in one Pinoy ulam recipe

How To Serve Jollibee-Style Honey Beef Rice 

The best way to enjoy this resto recipe hack is to serve it as originally intended: on top of steamed white rice. This ensures that the sweet, savory, and beefy-tasting sauce drips from the spoonful of beef you ladle on top of the rice, making this meal extra appetizing to eat! 

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How To Cook Jollibee-Style Honey Beef Rice 

There is no secret to how this recipe is made, and that's great news for anyone who wants to try making it at home! What is important is that the ingredients are the best that you can source since this recipe has a few ingredients. You'll taste each component in the finished dish! 


It starts with the softening of the onions which is an important step since the onions will deliver their flavor to the sauce and the dish overall. The lightly seasoned beef is added next followed by the sauce which you can mix together off the heat. This is poured over the beef. Let this mixture simmer, seasoned with a little salt and pepper to taste, just until the sauce thickens in consistency, and it's ready to serve! 

Tips To Make Delicious Jollibee-Style Honey Beef Rice 

The danger in cooking this dish lies in the beef strips becoming tough and stringy. To prevent this, you can cook the sauce separately from the beef so there's little danger of overcooking the beef. This makes the dish extra speedy to cook. 

The good news is that if you do overcook the beef, you can easily remedy that mistake with additional cooking time. Since the beef are sliced thinly, this won't take hours but minutes. You may want to add more water as the beef simmers and tenderizes in the sauce. 


Tenderizing the beef also delivers better flavor than a quickly cooked honey beef dish, too. The flavors of the sauce coat and penetrate the beef strips, giving you a more flavorful meal with every spoonful you take. 

You can watch and see exactly how easy it is to make at home, especially if it is no longer on the menu of the nearest branch of Jollibee: 

Jollibee-Style Honey Beef Rice Recipe 




Prep Time
10 mins 
Cooking Time
20 mins 
Ready In
30 mins 
Cooking Method
Saute and Braise

Jollibee-Style Honey Beef Rice Ingredients

How to cook Jollibee-Style Honey Beef Rice


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