Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok Recipe

pancit palabok recipe ala jollibee recipe hack
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Pancit is one of those dishes that every Filipno knows! Different kinds of pancit exist around the country and one of the popular kind is the pancit palabok.

Fast-food giant Jollibee has a version that is well loved and we bet the pancit palabok is one of your favorite orders. We hacked the recipe to give you a delicious version that we think is pretty close to the one served at the resto. It's a simple recipe topped with crushed chicharon, slices of egg, and all the ingredients that made the sauce. It's a recipe that can get you through those times when a craving hits and going out or ordering for delivery is not possible. 

What is Pancit Palabok

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The pancit palabok recipe is loaded with toppings!
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Bihon, or rice flour noodles, are the noodles you usually associate with this style of palabok. For this dish, the thin rice noodles that are similar to thin spaghetti noodles, not the flat variety, are the noodles to use. 

What makes this unique among other pancit is the sauce. The sauce of the palabok is made with shrimp and pork broth. It's dyed a reddish-orange from the annatto or atsuete seeds. What's more, ground pork is sautéed to combine with the shrimp broth base to create a super flavorful sauce.

The noodles are topped with the sauce and toppings and commonly tossed together only prior to serving. Combined with the variety of different toppings that includes hard-boiled eggs, crushed pork chicharon, tinapa flakes, and crispy bits of garlic when served, the pancit palabok is a saucy kind of pancit.

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How To Serve Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok 

Since this is basically an all-in-one noodle dish, it's a simple plating of the noodles, topping it with the sauce and the choice of toppings and serving. You can serve this with puto or steamed rice cakes for a flavor break from the shrimp-flavored noodles. 


How To Cook Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok 

The pancit bihon is dried when you find it in the stores so this is commonly soaked in cold water first to soften the noodles before it's cooked in boiling water until tender. You know it's done when the bihon noodles turn white and become more opaque in color. 

The sauce meanwhile can be made ahead of time. This is a super flavorful sauce and extra delicious because it uses three kinds of shrimp flavorings: hibe or dried shrimp, shrimp broth, and fresh shrimp. This triple umami-packed sauce is further made to look more appetizing by using atsuete seeds or annatto powder to give the sauce it's distinct orange-yellow color. 

Finally, the palabok is best served with a variety of toppings which include hard-boiled egg slices, crushed pork chicharon or pork cracklings, tinapa or smoked fish flakes, and a squeeze of calamansi juice for that touch of acidity. 


Tips to Make Delicious Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok 

pancit palabok ala Jollibee bihon rice noodles with shrimp and ground pork sauce recipe image
This pancit palabok recipe tastes similar to a fast-food chain's version.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

A pancit dish is usually an easy recipe to make. What might be intimidating are the numerous ingredients and toppings that make the pancit an appetizing dish! To ensure you make the best pancit, here are tips to note when cooking a pancit recipe


1 Soak the noodles first.

Before adding to the wok, this soak makes it easy to handle. You'lll also be able to better gauge how much of the noodles you need for you dish. 

2 Simmer the noodles in a flavorful broth. 

The broth the noodles will simmer in later will not only cook the noodles, it will also make it super tasty! It's the first flavor you'll taste so it pays to make the noodles delicious right from the start. 

3 Choose your toppings. 

The toppings are what makes your pancit more than just a bowl of plain noodles. You have a wide range to choose from! From chicharon crushed to bit to tinapa flakes that complement the shrimp, you'll be able to dictate how to make your pancit more appealing to the eye with every topping you add. 

How To Store Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok 

Pancit is notorious for spoiling easily! If you do need to store pancit, it's best if the sauce, toppings, and the noodles are separate. This makes it easy to store in the refrigerator since the sauce and toppings can be stored for a longer than the cooked noodles.


If you have leftover pancit palabok that's already been mixed together, it's best to store this in the refrigerator in an airtight container and consume any leftovers within 2 to 3 days since it contains seafood, another ingredient that spoils easily. Beyond this, it's best to throw out any food that exhibits signs of spoiling. 

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Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok Recipe 


Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
20 mins 
Ready In
40 mins 
Asian, Chinese, Filipino
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Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok Ingredients

How to make Jollibee-Style Pancit Palabok


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