Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken Recipe

judy ann santos agoncillo recipe for her fried chicken recipe using buttermilk
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If you, like us, love Judy Ann's cooking videos, then you should check out her fried chicken recipe. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is known for being more than just a famous actress. She's a mom, homemaker, a trained chef, and a Youtube star with a channel called Judy Ann's Kitchen. We checked out her fried chicken recipe and broke down the ingredient measurements of this popular recipe, so you can try it at home with confidence, too. 

What is Fried Chicken? 

Fried chicken has roots in the southern United States of America. This popular southern food is commonly marinated in buttermilk. Real buttermilk is the lightly sour, slightly acidic-tasting liquid left behind after butter is churned. The acidic quality of buttermilk is said to tenderize tough meat which is why acidic ingredients are included in recipes for meat. 

However, while this residual ingredient is what is known as real buttermilk, the commercial kind of buttermilk is quite different. This kind of buttermilk is more similar to thickened soured milk or cream. This can be hard to get, so there are many ways to DIY the ingredient using more accessible ingredients such as vinegar and fresh milk or citrus juice and cream. This is then dredged in seasoned flour and fried until golden brown and crispy.  


How To Serve Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken

different kinds of gravy for fried chicken
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The best way to serve this fried chicken is drizzled with Juday's recommended hot honey and lots of rice to pair with the chicken. If you really want to embrace the southern way of serving this, you can't go wrong with making homemade biscuits flavor-boosted with queso de bola, "dirty" rice which is fried rice with liver, homemade bread, or classic French fries instead of rice.


Of course, for those who are not fans of the sweet, savory, and hot combo can totally skip the recommended hot honey an opt for a classic gravy to serve on the side. 

How To Cook Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken

Judy Ann cooks everything from scratch on her cooking show: from her favorite Filipino dishes such as the Binakol and Roasted Tomato Soup to unique dishes she just thought would make a fantastic dish to serve to her family such as the Mamon "bread" pudding. One of her all-time favorites is this recipe for a buttermilk-marinated fried chicken which she proclaimed "the Perfect Fried Chicken".

Each is a crunchy, flavorful piece of chicken because the ingredients that go into the marinade, as well as the coating, have a little something extra in it. This is what she does: she adds splashes of hot sauce to the buttermilk marinade and a dash of ground cinnamon to the seasoned flour mixture. (You'll never taste it, she admits.)


In addition to the other ingredients which make up the already flavorful coating, she serves it together with hot honey. It's "hot" because it's spiced with chili flakes. Sweet, savory, and spicy all-in-one chicken. It's a delicious combination that you just have to try. 

Tips To Cook Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken

judy ann santos agoncillo recipe for her fried chicken recipe using buttermilk
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

Judy Ann advises you as she's cooking her fried chicken but there are a few that you might want to do, too, to make your fried chicken as perfect as possible: 

1 Brine, not just marinate. 

A brine is a simple combination of salt and water, and this is what makes chicken as well as pork chops juicier since the salt in the water is absorbed into the meat. This absorption means chicken is always tender and tasty at the same time. 

2 Coat the chicken well with flour. 

There's more than one reason to coat the marinated chicken in flour: to create a delicious and crispy outer layer but also to "dry" the chicken, too. The marinade is sure to make it difficult to dry it enough to prevent oil splatters, so the flour does the job for us, coating and soaking up the marinade. 

3 Adjust the heat as needed. 

Your oil needs to be hot enough to cook the chicken through to the inside without overbrowning the outside. It can be tricky and the trick is really to be observant. Turn down the heat a little if you notice the outside is becoming too browned too fast. On the other hand, if the chicken is not even taking on any color, that means you need to crank up the heat a little to get it to that level of golden brown and delicious. 


4 Use the air fryer. 

The air fryer can do many things but one thing it doesn't do well is cook battered and coated food. You still need to deep fry in oil to seal those coatings and batters on the food. However, once it's on there, reheating or even cooking the food again in the air fryer is a brilliant move, especially if you find the fried chicken hasn't quite cooked through yet. This hack is similar to how pro chefs "finish cooking food" in the oven. Instead of an oven, the air fryer is used and it's faster, too. 

How To Store Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken

Fried food is easy to store but to store it properly, you should store it only once it's cooled down. Still hot food will create condensation and will result in soggy food that will be more difficult to make crispy again when reheated. Then just wrap in foil or place in a container and store in the refrigeratore for up to 3 days and longer if frozen. 


Watch: Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken Recipe 

Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken Recipe

Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
30 mins 
Ready In
50 mins 
Cooking Method

Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken Ingredients

How to cook Judy Ann's Perfect Fried Chicken


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