Leche Flan Cheesecake Recipe

What do you get when you combine leche flan and Japanese cheesecake? Perfection.

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If you love leche flan and cheesecake, this recipe is your dream come true. This creamy, velvety leche flan sits on a fluffy, moist, and tangy cheesecake that's absorbed a touch of bittersweet caramel.

In one slice, you get the perfect ratio of ultra-creamy, smooth, and melt-in-your-mouth leche flan and tangy, jiggly, and creamy Japanese cheesecake. These two decadent, creamy favorites are balanced out by the bright lemon flavors. 

Make this one-pan, layered masterpiece made of two favorites from Japan and the Philippines. Trust us when we say, one slice will not be enough!

Tips To Make Leche Flan Cheesecake:

1 Be careful not to burn your caramel.

 The caramel is what will tie the sweet and creamy leche flan with the tangy and fluffy cheesecake, so this step is crucial. If this is your first time making caramel, here's a nifty trick: after putting the sugar in your pan, add a drizzle of water all around the sides. It should just be enough to moisten the sugar. The water will help the sugar melt more evenly and prevent the granules at the bottom of the pan from browning too fast. Once the sugar begins to melt, swirl the melted sugar around the pan; do not mix the caramel with any utensils. Lastly, cook the caramel over medium-low heat. It should be low and slow so that the sugar has a chance to caramelize evenly.


2 Strain the leche flan mixture. 

The key to making smooth leche flan is making sure that there are no bubbles in your mixture. Aside from using a spatula instead of a whisk to mix it, you can pass it through a fine mesh sieve or a strainer to get rid of any bubbles.

3 Make sure there are no lumps in the cheesecake mixture. 

The reason why the cream cheese, butter, and milk are mixed over a double boiler is to soften the cream cheese and ensure that it incorporates well with the other liquids. This step is crucial because once you add in the whipped egg whites, any lumps that remain will be more difficult to get rid of. 

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Prep Time
3 hrs 30 mins 
Cooking Time
2 hrs 
Ready In
5 hrs 30 mins 
1 8-inch cake
Cooking Method
Cook and Bake

Leche Flan Cheesecake Ingredients

How to make Leche Flan Cheesecake

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