Leche Flan Tablea Cupcakes Recipe

IMAGE Majoy Siason

Puto flan is one of our favorite recipes. It should be no wonder! How can you resist a fluffy puto topped with creamy leche flan? We know we can't! 

However, this recipe may be just as irresistible as the original. Instead of the puto, a mini tsokolate tablea cupcake is the base of this version but it's still topped with leche flan. With caramel sauce on top, this is the chocolate cake with leche flan that can become your new favorite cupcake recipe. 
Tips To Make Leche Flan Tablea Cupcakes:

1 Make the caramel sauce ahead of time. 

Unlike the classic leche flan, we chose to top the leche flan tablea cupcakes with caramel sauce. Caramel sauce is thicker than the arnibal or caramelized brown sugar syrup that usually accompanies leche flan. When caramel sauce cools, you get a thick and silky sauce that will sit nicely on top of your leche flan instead of dripping and being absorbed by the cupcakes, which is what will happen with arnibal. Of course, you can totally use arnibal if you prefer it!


2 Don't forget to grease your puto cups. 

Again, because the leche flan layer of this recipe doesn't use arnibal, it's important to grease the puto cups before adding the leche flan mixture. Normally, in a classic leche flan recipe, the caramelized brown sugar will melt when you steam the leche flan and this syrup will make it easier for the leche flan to release from the cups. Without the arnibal or lightly greasing the cups, the leche flan (and later on, the tablea cupcakes) will stick to the puto cups, making it difficult to get your treats out!

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3 Sift the dry ingredients for the tablea cupcakes. 

To avoid lumpy cupcakes, sift the dry ingredients before adding them into the melted tsokolate or tablea chocolate. This includes flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. 

4 Make sure that your steamer is ready to go before you mix the tablea cupcake batter. 

It's best practice to portion and steam the batter right after mixing in order to get a soft and fluffy cupcake. This is due to two things: the baking powder and the baking soda. These ingredients are leaveners, meaning they are responsible for creating the air pockets that make your cupcakes rise and become soft and fluffy. They do this by reacting with the other ingredients: baking powder begins to create bubbles as soon as it interacts with warm liquid while baking soda does this with acidic ingredients like chocolate. If the batter sits too long without being baked, the leaveners lose their potency, which will result in denser cupcakes.

These mini cakes are made with tablea, topped with leche flan and caramel sauce.
Photo by Majoy Siason


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Leche Flan Tablea Cupcakes Recipe

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15 mins 
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