53 recipes found under Beverages

Milo Ice Candy Recipe

These are the better version of the your favorite chocolate popsicles.

Chai Latte Recipe

Stay relaxed and keep warm with this creamy, aromatic blend of tea, milk, and exotic spices.

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Recipe

Try your hand at making a peppermint mocha frappe from scratch!

Guinumis Recipe

This cooler has coconut milk, sago, gulaman, and pinipig!

Cocoa and Tea Melt Recipe

Treat yourself to the bold flavors of this tea-and-cocoa concoction.

Lime and Raspberry Cooler Recipe

This cocktail has fruity flavors!

Pear-Lemon Gin Recipe

Serve this cocktail at your next house party.

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Recipe

Spice up your regular hot chocolate with cinnamon!

Cucumber Citrus Drink Recipe

Make a quick lemongrass-honey syrup for this party cocktail.

Negroni Recipe

We give the classic cocktail a proudly Pinoy twist with the addition of dalandan liqueur.

Orange and Grey Spritz Recipe

Need drinks for your next party? Try this fruity chiller!

Baked Garlic Chicken Recipe

Make this garlic chicken dish in your toaster oven!

Dalandan-Guava Juice Recipe

Celebrate the shine of the sun with a dalandan mocktail!

Watermelon and Strawberry Juice Recipe

Prep this easy drink on a hot afternoon.

Salted Caramel White Hot Chocolate Recipe

Love hot chocolate? Try making this drink with white chocolate.