Maja Blanca Recipe With Cheese

This version is sweet and salty!

IMAGE Mira Angeles

Those who are fans of sweet and salty combinations when it comes to dessert will adore this version of the maja blanca.

What is maja blanca

Maja blanca is one of the classic Filipino desserts. It's commonly misinterpreted as a "coconut pudding" because of the white-colored pudding. While the pudding is in fact made of coconut milk or cream, sugar, and cornstarch, the main attraction of this gelatinized dessert is really the kernels of sweet corn. It may or may not have two kinds of corn in it, too: the kernels of corn and the creamed corn version. Using the creamed corn in addition to the corn kernels boosts not only the corn flavor of the dessert but gives it an extra dose of creaminess. If you love corn, this extra ingredient is what will make it super delicious! 

However, not everyone is a fan of corn but many of us are fans of cheese. While cheese is not an ingredient you commonly associate with dessert, this is one instance where it takes a simple dessert and makes it extra delicious! 


This version uses the same coconut milk base and instead of corn, makes it super appetizing with grated cheese in the pudding and on top, too. 

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Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
30 mins 
Ready In
45 mins 
Asian, Filipino
Cooking Method
Heat and Chill

Maja Blanca With Cheese Ingredients

How to make Maja Blanca With Cheese


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