Marble Loaf Cake Recipe

marble loaf cake slice on a plate with a fork
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Do you often become indecisive when it comes to what flavor is your favorite cake? If this happens to you, especially when it comes to choosing between vanilla and chocolate cakes, this is the cake for you: the marble cake

What is Marble Cake? 

A marble cake is a cake that has two kinds of cake batters, each of a different flavor, swirled together into one baked confection. This can be the classic chocolate and vanilla or it can be a combination of two other flavors of different colors to create the signature swirl of two batters once the batter is baked. 

How to Serve Marble Loaf Cake

marble loaf cake sliced with cake slice on a plate and fork
This is an easy marble cake recipe. It's already rich and flavorful, so there's no need for any frosting.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

The marble cake can be served as any other cake when made into a classic round shape. It can be treated with a layer of frosting or left unadorned without any frosting, letting the simple flavors of the cake satisfy one's sweet tooth. 

If made pound cake-style like this loaf cake recipe, it needs no other adornment. Just slice and serve! However, those with a serious sweet tooth may want to pour a glaze over this cake to make it more appealing and appetizing when presented on the dinner table. 

How to Make Marble Loaf Cake

The cake batter is an easy batter made from typical eggs, sugar, butter, milk, and flour ingredients. What makes this cake marble is that the batter is divided and flavored differently. Vanilla flavors both portions but one also has cocoa powder stirred into its half-batter portion. This will create the marble effect later on. 

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The two kinds of batter are spooned randomly to fill the prepared loaf pan and the resulting batter is then gently swirled together to create the marble effect. This is done with a wooden skewer, a knife, or even a chopstick. Then bake until done and the slices you make from this loaf will be a gorgeous two-toned slice that bursts with both vanilla and chocolate flavors. 

Tips To Make Perfect Marble Loaf Cake

marble loaf cake sliced on a cutting board
This soft, moist, and lovely two-toned cake is a marble cake made easy and no fuss.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

1 Follow the instructions carefully.  

You'll need to note the ingredients that are divided properly so if you read the recipe before even mixing your ingredients, you'll know that you'll need to not use up all the flour in Step 2. You need to set aside that portion of flour since cocoa powder will replace it when you create the chocolate batter. That reserved flour will only go into the vanilla cake batter portion. 

If you accidentally use up all the flour in the batter before portioning it out, you'll end up with a cake batter is not as tender as intended. 

2 Swirl the batters together but not too much. 

The batters are spooned into the loaf pan but this doesn't create the gorgeous swirls that you expect when you slice into the loaf cake. To create these lovely swirls and curls of flavor, you'll need to do it manually. However, don't get too carried away! Give the batter in the loaf pan 2 to 3 swirls from end to end and that should be enough to merge the batters together and create the marble look. 


3 Remember to tap the loaf pan on the counter to release bubbles. 

Since the two kinds of batter are spooned into the loaf pan, this cake batter has more tendency to have more bubbles in it. This means you'll need to tap the filled loaf pan a little more than usual to not only release bubbles but to also encourage the batters to meld together so it bakes into one cake. 

How To Store Marble Cake 

All cakes can be stored in the refrigerator especially those that are covered in buttercream or frosting since this can go bad if left out on the countertop for too long. This loaf cake can be stored on the countertop if you're cutting a slice (or three!) at every meal, covered, so it doesn't attract pests. If you're storing this for longer, store it in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out. 


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Marble Loaf Cake Recipe

Prep Time
50 mins 
Cooking Time
40 mins 
Ready In
1 hr 30 mins 
American, French
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Marble Loaf Cake Ingredients

How to make Marble Loaf Cake


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