Menudo Recipe With Hot Dog And Liver

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Pork stews are delicious, and one of the most popular pork stews to cook in the average Filipino repertoire is the menudo. It's not only one of the most basic Filipino recipes a Pinoy cook should know, but it's also one of the easiest pork recipes to make. 

This menudo recipe version is one of six recipes that we are featuring as one of your favorite karinderya recipes you love to eat. As one of Yummy's October digital cover recipes, this karinderya dish is sure to satisfy your love for all things food on Yummy.

What Is Menudo?

Menudo is a hearty tomato-based pork stew recipe made of small pork cubes, pork liver, hot dogs, potatoes, and carrots. It's sometimes sweetened with raisins but there are also those who prefer pickle relish as the sweetener. 

While it's made with pork which normally needs to be tenderized before being pleasantly edible, the small size of the pork cubes of the menudo makes this a faster and easier stew to cook time-wise than other pork stews like adobong baboy recipes which may use larger pieces of pork. 


There are a few ways to make your menudo different than your usual recipe. From using different kinds of meat like beef or chicken to adding unique ingredients such as chorizo and bell peppers that transform it into a better and more flavorful stew. 

How To Serve Menudo 

Menudo is a classic Pinoy ulam recipe so it's traditional to serve this with lots of steamed white rice, especially since it's a saucy ulam. The rice is meant to soak up all that delicious sauce that will separate itself from the chunks as it sits on your plate. 

You can also serve menudo for breakfast, stuffed into pandesals

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How To Cook Menudo 

The menudo is a stew, and just like any classic Filipino dish, it normally is made by cooking aromatics first before searing and tenderizing the pork cubes in the flavorful braising liquid or sauce made from soy sauce and tomato sauce. Despite the meat begin cut small, it still needs to be tenderized even for as short a time as 30 minutes to help make it tender to the bite. 


Once tender, the root vegetables, traditionally potatoes and carrots, are added and cooked until softened. Raisins are added, too, to add a touch of sweetness to the dish but sugar or even another ingredient can be added to give it that signature sweet-savory taste. Hot dogs are the final meaty component of the dish, giving it a kiddie twist that will have everyone in the family enjoying all its parts. 

Tips To Make Delicious Menudo 

This menudo recipe includes hot dogs and liver.
Photo by Patrick Martires | Styling by Lady Badoy

The best kind of menudo is one that is super chunky, so if you're looking to beef up your menudo recipe, you can bulk it up with lots of potatoes and carrots. You can even opt to leave out the pork liver if it's not to your taste or amp up the meatiness with more slices of hot dog than pork. 

As with many recipes, giving the sauce a quick taste after adding it to the pot or after simmering is always a good idea so you can gauge how to season it if needed or if it lacks anything that might make it better. 

How To Store Menudo 

Storing menudo follows the same rules as other ulam recipes:

  • 1 Always simmer the dish again, especially if you return leftover menudo back into the pot.
  • 2 Store the leftovers in clean and dry containers, preferably air-tight.
  • 3 Reheat the menudo well to kill off any bacteria and prevent faster spoilage.  

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Menudo Recipe with Hot Dogs and Liver 

Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
45 mins 
Ready In
1 hr 5 mins 
Filipino, Spanish
Cooking Method

Menudo With Hot Dog And Liver Ingredients

How to cook Menudo With Hot Dog And Liver


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