Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe with Glossy Chocolate Glaze

moist chocolate cake recipe image with easy chocolate glaze recipe
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What makes a rich, moist chocolate cake even more irresistible than it already is? We think a silky buttercream and a glaze that coats the entire chocolate cake would be just what is needed! Add to this the fact that all the ingredients are easy to find, not expensive, and can be found in most supermarkets should be a perfect lure for any chocoholic to make this moist chocolate cake recipe at home. 

This is one of six new dessert recipes under the September digital cover recipes so we can satisfy all your sweet cravings here on Yummy. 

What is a chocolate cake? 

chocolate cake is a dessert, a confection commonly made from flour, sugar, eggs, oil or butter, and a flavoring, in this case, chocolate. It's commonly coated in frosting or icing (or both!) and can be decorated in any number of ways to make it festive for an occasion. 


A classic chocolate cake can be as simple as a chocolate cake topped with frosting. It can also be a two- or three-tiered confection with a buttercream, jam, or caramel filling and covered in both buttercream and ganache. 

How To Serve A Chocolate Cake 

moist chocolate cake recipe image with easy chocolate glaze recipe
Finish the last drips of the chocolate glaze poured from the center to ensure even coverage.
Photo by Patrick Martires | Styling by Lady Badoy
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The best way to serve a chocolate cake, or most cakes in general for that matter, is at room temperature. This is because if it is coated in a classic buttercream frosting, the frosting will be hard from the chilled environment of the refrigerator. 

When thawed to room temperature (or cooler when you're in a tropical country such as ours), the buttercream is again soft and fluffy as the baker intended. 

The best way to achieve this if your chocolate cake has been chilled is to remove it from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before you need to serve it. 

How To Bake A Chocolate Cake 

Cakes in general are easy to make. If you have a recipe, it's a matter of mixing the right ingredients measured in accurate amounts into a cake batter and then baking it until the cake is baked through. A buttercream or your frosting of choice is then used to cover the cake and decorated shortly after. 


Baking a cake can be intimidating to a new baker because the precision of the measurements and even the right ingredients can make the cake a success or a failure. Even setting the oven to the right temperature and lining the baking pans matters! 

Want to know how a professional baker prepares a cake pan? We show you the way it's done in a step-by-step process that's easy to do and remember.  

Tips To Make A Chocolate Cake 

As with any cake recipe, it's always good to know some tips and tricks from the recipe developer to make sure that when you make it, it's a success. Here are tips to make this chocolate cake a success: 

  • • Note and use the right cocoa powder. Natural cocoa powder is not the same as Dutch-processed cocoa powder, and using one of the other can make your cake fail. 
  • • Sift dry ingredients well to ensure your cake batter is not lumpy and easily becomes smooth. 
  • • Tap your cake pans when filled to remove any bubbles that were created as you mixed. This also ensures you have a cake that doesn't have large air pockets that can mar the texture of your cake. 
  • • When trying a new recipe, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your cake as it bakes. After all, not all ovens are the same and your cake might bake faster (or slower) than the oven that the recipe developer used. 
  • • Chill the cake once you've covered it in a layer of buttercream (crumb coat) to set it. You can go back and touch it up with another layer to get the super sharp edges you need to cover it with the glaze. 

How To Store A Chocolate Cake 

Any good chocolate cake can be stored in the refrigerator because the buttercream can go bad if left out on the countertop for too long. However, if you're cutting a slice (or three!) every day, you're best off storing it on the kitchen counter, covered, so you don't have to thaw it for 30 minutes (or more) every time you get a craving for something chocolate, sweet, and satisfyingly delicious. 

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Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe with Glossy Chocolate Glaze

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Moist Chocolate Cake with Glossy Chocolate Glaze Ingredients

How to make Moist Chocolate Cake with Glossy Chocolate Glaze


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