No-Bake Graham Flan Cake Recipe

Graham cracker crust meets leche flan!

IMAGE Patrick Martires | Styling by Lady Badoy

What happens when you put a leche flan on a graham cracker crust? You get a graham flan! It's a simple yet genius idea to make a leche flan easy to make without the hassle (or stress!) of making the caramel. Plus, since it's a no-bake recipe, it satisfies your love for the crust that you love in a cheesecake without spending on expensive cream cheese. 

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What is a graham flan cake? 

There are quite a number of desserts that mash up two desserts into one, especially those with creamy leche flan, such as the mango float leche flan, the suman with leche flan, the leche flan cheesecake, custard cake or leche flan cake, and even the leche flan doughnut that became popular abroad first. 


The graham flan cake however is the bigger version of the graham flan cupcakes that became popular during the pandemic. It's exactly as it is described! It's leche flan on a graham cracker crust! 

How to Serve Graham Flan Cake 

This leche flan cake has a graham cracker base!
Photo by Patrick Martires | Styling by Lady Badoy
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This version is an easy way to satisfy your craving in a bigger way. To serve it, it's best straight from the refrigerator since the leche flan is best when cold. Plus, it holds its shape better when chilled. Just slice right through the flan and the crust for a slice of cake (Pie?) that's the perfect size to satisfy any leche flan craving. 

How to Cook Graham Flan Cake 

The wonderful thing with this dessert recipe is that there is little cooking (and absolutely no baking) involved! This means anyone with a stove and a refrigerator can make this dessert. You just need to gently heat up the egg yolks (since this isn't steamed unlike a traditional leche flan) until thickened and stir in the bloomed gelatin. You'll need to prepare the crust before you do this so you can pour it into the crust before it cools down and sets. 


Then you just need to let it cool and set until firm before slicing into it and enjoying a taste. 

Tips to Make the Graham Flan Cake 

This recipe is easier than a leche flan since there is no caramel to make and no steaming either. Despite its easy step-by-step process, here are tips to make sure your graham flan cake is as perfect as you can make it: 

  • • Chill the graham cracker crust while you make the leche flan batter. This way, when ready to pour in the filling, your graham cracker crust stays crisp and won't become soggy with the leche flan. 
  • • Use low heat to thicken the egg yolk mixture. You can even use a double boiler to heat it up. This way, you are less likely to create scrambled eggs as the yolks cook. 
  • • Strain the leche flan mixture for a truly smooth and silky flan. 

How to Store Graham Flan Cake 

Storing a graham flan cake is best when chilled. You can even place a piece of plastic wrap pressed onto the surface of the flan. Why? This will prevent any film from forming on top and will preserve its taste the longer it sits in your refrigerator. 

No-Bake Graham Flan Cake Recipe


Prep Time
8 hrs 25 mins 
Cooking Time
25 mins 
Ready In
8 hrs 50 mins 
American, Filipino
Cooking Method
Cook and Chill

No-Bake Graham Flan Cake Ingredients

How to make No-Bake Graham Flan Cake


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