No-Cook Pastillas Recipe

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Pastillas is a classic milk candy that many kids and kids-at-heart love! It's delicious and easy to make since you can make an easy no-cook version with just three ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, powdered milk, and sugar. 

What is Pastillas

The original pastillas is actually made with just two ingredients: fresh milk and sugar. The two ingredients are simmered until the mixture thickens and becomes sticky. When this happens, the mixture is cooled down until it's cool and malleable enough to form into bite-sized balls or logs. These are commonly rolled in sugar to prevent it from sticking to the paper packaging. 

The History of Pastillas 

There are many different kinds of pastillas but the original pastillas trace back its origins to San Miguel, Bulacan where it began as a homemade milk soft candy in homes of farmers tending to cows. Pastillas de leche, as its name implies, is made with cow's or carabao's milk mixed with sugar and sometimes a bit of citrus. 


Different Variations of Pastillas

Since pastillas is really just made from two ingredients, the possibility of tweaking the recipe to taste even better and be more flavorful than the original is limited only by your ingredients! Here are some delicious ways to change the flavor of your homemade pastillas

  • 1 Ube Pastillas Ube or purple yam is an earthy ingredient that when made into ube halaya or ube jam becomes buttery, sweet, and irresistible. It's the perfect marriage of milky and earthy. 
  • 2 Milo Pastillas - Milo or chocolate malt powder is commonly made into a drink but it's also delicious when used in desserts such as these milky candies. 
  • 3 Salted Caramel Pastillas - Salted caramel is sweet and sticky; it also makes the perfect substitute for sweetened condensed milk when making pastillas
  • 4 Cookies and Cream Pastillas - Who doesn't love the combination of crushed chocolate sandwich cookies and creamy milk candy rolled into one treat? 
  • 5 Matcha Pastillas - Earthy green tea powder is made into sweet candy balls that you can easily pop into your mouth for a hit of caffeine and sweetness. 
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If you're not adventurous yet with your pastillas, try this easy and no-fuss recipe first before you delve into the black hole that might happen after you fall in love with these candy balls. 

Prep Time
2 hrs 30 mins 
Cooking Time
Ready In
2 hrs 30 mins 
Cooking Method

No-Cook Pastillas Ingredients

How to make No-Cook Pastillas


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