Nutella Brownies Recipe

nutella brownies baked chocolate dessert
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These decadent brownies have an irresistible ingredient stirred into its batter: Nutella. In place of traditional baking chocolate, the famous chocolate hazelnut spread is the ingredient that makes these brownies extra thick and fudgy. 

What Are Nutella Brownies?

First, you have to know what Nutella is. Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread made in Italy. The spread is basically a sweet spreadable paste made from finely ground hazelnuts, sugar, and cocoa powder. This is what replaces the melted chocolate that makes brownies incredibly fudgy and gooey. There's no doubt that Nutella is delicious so we can't imagine anyone being able to resist a slice of these brownies! 

Table of Contents

• How to Serve Nutella Brownies 

• How to Bake Nutella Brownies

• Tips to Make the Best Nutella Brownies

• How To Store Nutella Brownies

• Watch: Nutella Brownies Recipe Video

• Nutella Brownies Recipe

How to Serve Nutella Brownies 

To be honest, these squares are incredibly seductive, even straight from the oven but you'll have to practice patience. Since these are fudgy brownies, they do need a little time (just a few minutes!) to cool, firm up, and be more readily sliced into squares. 


Once sliced, these decadent and intensely delicious chocolate bars are fine on their own. However, if you truly want to prolong your love affair with these brownies, save a few to top an epic ice cream sundae, heat one up in a small cast iron skillet and make a brownie ala mode, or crumble it up and make the best tasting brownie balls

How to Bake Nutella Brownies 

nutella brownies recipe baked chocolate dessert
These brownies have these signature crinkly tops, too!
Photo by Riell Santos
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These brownies may be super indulgent but the brownie batter itself is easy to make. You just need to mix traditional brownie ingredients together with a good glob of Nutella stirred into the batter. Once transferred into the brownie baking pan, you can opt to pipe more Nutella on top so every bite screams nutty and chocolate-y! A little sprinkle of salt, whether rock salt, specialty sea salt, or trendy Himalayan pink salt, on top of the brownies before baking gives these brownies a touch of enhanced flavor courtesy of the sweet-salty pop when you bite into a square. 

Tips to Make the Best Nutella Brownies 

Baking brownies from scratch, not from a mix, can be easy and delicious. Plus, a simple decoration on top can transform the look of a simple brownie into a stunning dessert that no one will be ashamed to serve for special occasions like a Christmas party. But if you're fretting over how to make these brownies perfect, here are essential brownie-baking tips to know: 

  • • No matter what baking pan you use for brownies, lining your pan with parchment paper is a crucial and important step to ensure easy removal later on. 
  • • For a little sweet and salty action, top these with a generous drizzle of Nutella and sea salt.
  • • Add coffee! Coffee and chocolate are awesome together and actually enhance each other's flavors! 
  • • Stir in nuts! Walnuts, almonds, cashews, or even peanuts break the sometimes over-whelming chocolate taste that you can get if you overindulge. Break it up with some real nuts stirred into the batter. 
  • Always underbake, never overbake, brownies. If you're unsure, consider removing the brownies from the oven. You can always put it back in if it's a bit too underdone. 
  • • Use restraint and let the brownies cool off before slicing. Because of its underbaked nature, these can be too soft to slice properly so soon from the oven. 

How To Store Nutella Brownies 

brownies in a baking pan on a cooling rack
These brownies are fudgy with crinkly tops!
Photo by Shutterstock

Brownies are like cookies. In fact, brownies are considered bar cookies and since these are extra chewy and fudgy, brownies are best stored at room temperature in air tight containers, especially if you know you can't resist a bar (or three!) every day until they're all gone.

If you're planning on storing these for longer, wrap these in plastic wrap or parchment paper and place these in the refrigerator. You can actually freeze brownies but remember to tightly wrap them so it doesn't absorb off flavors in the freezer. 

Watch: Nutella Brownies Recipe Video

Nutella Brownies Recipe 

Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
45 mins 
Ready In
1 hr 
Cooking Method

Nutella Brownies Ingredients

How to make Nutella Brownies


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