Pancake Mix Bibingka Recipe

bibingka rice cake recipe made with pancake mix
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Yes! Would you believe that you can use pancake mix to make a delicious bibingka? No need to search for a specific mix or even ingredients. If you have this kitchen staple in your kitchen, you can transform it into a delicious holiday treat that doesn't have to be confined to just the holidays! 

What is Bibingka? 

Bibingka is a charcoal-baked rice cake usually eaten during the holiday season. It is almost always a part of the Pinoy Christmas season! Whether you get it from the roadside stalls after Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi, or order it from your favorite resto serving it, the bibingka is a treasured treat that many of us look forward to when the holidays are in full swing. 

The unique way in which the bibingka is cooked is one of the joys of buying it from street stalls. You'll find the lines for bibingka as well as puto bumbong, another holiday treat, are commonly long, but the wait is worth it if you observe how these rice cakes are made. Not only are these topped with itlog na maalat (salted eggs) and kesong puti (fresh white cheese) but it's also baked between two layers of red hot charcoals on banana leaves that also give the cake its distinct banana leaf flavor. 


How to Serve Pancake Mix Bibingka

These rice cakes can be made into little individual portions or you can opt to share! Once "baked" in its unique oven and liner, the bibingka is slathered in margarine (you can opt for butter if desired) and topped with niyog or freshly grated coconut and a side of muscovado sugar. Slice into quarters and serve while still hot!

How to Make Pancake Mix Bibingka

bibingka rice cake recipe made with pancake mix
This bibingka was made with pancake mix in an air fryer. Easy!
Photo by Czarina Ramos
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This version of the bibingka is a delicious hack to a pancake so you know it's going to delicious outcome. The trick here is to how to do it. The easy way especially for those who do not own an oven is in the trendy air fryer. This version easily uses this new-age appliance to make these bibingka

The batter is prepared just like pancake batter with a few tweaks: gata or coconut milk is used instead of water or milk. Plus, salted egg is placed on top, just like a regular bibingka, before "baking" in the air fryer. 

Tips to Make Perfect Pancake Mix Bibingka

1 Watch the time. 

Using pancake mix makes this an almost fool-proof recipe for bibingka! One tip you need to know is that the air fryer does have a tendency to cook things faster than normal and so, watch out for the timer. 

2 Check doneness. 

Since the air fryer is a one-heating source "oven", it's prone to uneven baking. This means the bottom of the bibingka can be undercooked even if the top is already browned. You'll have to check doneness just like regular cake by using a toothpick to check if it's completely cooked through before removing it from the air fryer. 


If you do find that the top is browning and in danger of burning before the center is baked through, cover the top with foil and continue air frying until done. 

How to Store Pancake Mix Bibingka

A bibingka is just like a cake so it's best to store, without any toppings preferably, in an airtight container. You can also wrap it up in foil before refrigerating it to keep it from drying out. When ready to reheat, just pop it back in the air fryer still wrapped in foil and "bake" until heated through. Serve just like it was just baked! 

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Pancake Mix Bibingka Recipe


Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
20 mins 
Ready In
40 mins 
2 6-inch cakes
Cooking Method
air fry

Pancake Mix Bibingka Ingredients

How to make Pancake Mix Bibingka


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