Pechay And Hibe Fried Rice Recipe

These simple ingredients can be the secret to an appetizing meal.

IMAGE Idge Mendiola

Fried rice, also known as sinangag, is a common part of many Pinoy meals. When there's leftover rice from the day before or even earlier in the day, you can transform steamed rice into a much more appetizing side dish to serve with almost any kind of ulam you may make. 

This recipe takes that quality and creates a super tasty fried rice recipe. What makes this fried rice extra delicious is not just the pechay but also the main flavoring ingredient: the hibe. 

What is hibe

Hibe, also spelled hibi, is small dried shrimp that have been seasoned with salt and then left to dry under the sun. This process intensifies the shrimp flavor but it also preserves the normally very perishable shrimp fry. Since these are so small, the shrimp are easy to eat whole without needing to peel the shells from the tiny crustaceans. 

Your rice will definitely benefit flavorwise if you use these tiny little dried shrimps in your dish, and there's a good reason why. 


If you have ever reserved the shrimp shells and created a shrimp or seafood stock from these shells, you know how much flavor is in the shells themselves. While the meat of the shrimp shrink and become tough, the shells turn crispy. (Soaking the shrimps softens as well as lessens the saltiness of the shrimps.) This drying process transforms these tiny little pieces into shrimp umami flavor bombs that can turn your fried rice super tasty with just a few pieces.

There's no need to spend on fresh shrimp if all you need is just a tablespoon or two of hibe. You won't need any bagoong either or use as much salt to season the rice. 

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Who would have thought that tiny dried shrimp could be so flavorful? This recipe proves that it can be the secret ingredient to one of the tastiest fried rice meals you'll ever eat. 

This loaded fried rice is a great pairing for any fried ulam you may serve.
Photo by Idge Mendiola



Prep Time
20 mins 
Cooking Time
30 mins 
Ready In
50 mins 
Chinese, Filipino
Cooking Method

Pechay And Hibe Fried Rice Ingredients

How to make Pechay And Hibe Fried Rice


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