Pesang Pompano Recipe

This easy pompano recipe is delicious and satisfying.

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The pompano fish, also spelled "pampano", is one of those unique fish because it doesn't require you to remove its scales. That's because it has very tiny scales which are edible and give the fish a shimmery silver look. It's delicious and meaty fish overall that is easy to prepare and cook, which is one reason why it's so popular. 

If you're getting tired of cooking and eating the same pompano dish, why not try this pesang isda recipe that uses the pompano? 

What is a pesang isda recipe? 

A pesang isda recipe is actually a version of another common ginger soup dish: the tinolang manok. Essentially, the pesang isda recipe is a simmered fish dish in ginger soup. The difference between tinola recipe and a pesang recipe, apart from the main protein, is what else is in the dish. 

For tinola, this normally means the dish also includes green papaya (It can be sayote if you're on a budget or can't find green papaya in the palengke or supermarket.) and malunggay leaves. The pesang isda recipe uses cabbage and/or pechay as its green vegetable. Both soup dishes include ginger as their main flavoring ingredient. The chicken for the tinola and the fish in the pesang dish are simmered in the ginger-infused broth until cooked and the veggies are tender. 


How to serve pesang isda

One of the unique aspects of the pesang isda is that some recipes include a dipping sauce that is commonly served with the dish. For this recipe, that is one appetizing component of the dish that elevates it from ordinary to extraordinary. Made with a base of miso paste, it's the salty condiment that normally might be patis. Try this version that uses the Japanese ingredient and see if your favorite dishes soon include this pesang pompano recipe.

Serve with the miso paste dipping sauce on the side.
Photo by Idge Mendiola
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Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
15 mins 
Ready In
30 mins 
Asian, Filipino
Cooking Method
Saute and Simmer

Pesang Pompano Ingredients

How to make Pesang Pompano


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