Pinakbet Recipe

This is easy vegetable recipe that even kitchen newbies can cook!

IMAGE Majoy Siason

This easy vegetable recipe can be a kitchen newbie's first recipe!


So, how do you make pinakbet? Is there an easy pinakbet recipe? 

The pinakbet is a classic stir-fry recipe that uses local and easy-to-find vegetables and seasonings to make it delicious. Talong, ampalaya, sitaw, kamatis, and okra are the classic vegetables in any pinakbet recipe but you can easily substitute these for vegetables you like.  

What is important when making this dish that makes a difference in a simple vegetable recipe like this one is the bagoong. Whether you use bagoong alamang or Balayan bagoong (bagoong isda), the flavor will be the defining taste you will savor with each bite. 

Choose your favorite bagoong to toss the vegetables in, and this pinakbet recipe will be a success every time you make it. 

Prep Time
15 mins 
Cooking Time
20 mins 
Ready In
35 mins 
Cooking Method

Pinakbet Ingredients

How to Cook Pinakbet

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