Pomegranate Summer Salad

Here, pomegranate is the star in a creamy salad dressing that's both sweet and tart.

IMAGE David Hanson

This dish falls under what Chef Robby Goco of Cyma and Charlie’s Grind and Grill calls “progressive Greek”—using ingredients that are typically found in Greek cooking, but in fresh, modern ways. Here, pomegranate (experiencing a surge in popularity because of its high antioxidant content) is the star in a creamy salad dressing that’s both sweet and tart. Nuts, mushrooms, and fried cheese add a salty, umami element. Want to know another secret to cooking great food? Combine textures too, Goco advises. The overall mouthfeel of the dish is just as important as the taste.

Prep Time
5 mins 
Cooking Time
5 mins 
Ready In
10 mins 
Cooking Method
Blend and Assemble

Pomegranate Summer Salad Ingredients

How to Make Pomegranate Summer Salad

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