Pork Ribs Adobo Recipe

It has a flavorful glaze!

IMAGE Majoy Siason

You can satisfy all kinds of adobo cravings with this adobo recipe! Those who like their adobo dry will love that this has been fried to give it more flavor. Those who like adobo on the saucy side will like that the leftover sauce has been turned into a flavorful glaze to lightly coat the ribs.

What you get is a pork ribs adobo recipe that's definitely delicious. 

Prep Time
30 mins 
Cooking Time
2 hrs 30 mins 
Ready In
3 hrs 
Asian, Chinese, Filipino
Cooking Method
marinate and fry

Pork Ribs Adobo Ingredients

How to Cook Pork Ribs Adobo

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